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EDIT - IR Sea to Summit Ultra-Mesh Stuff Sack - L Pontious

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  • jerry adams
    Nice report   Couple of minor edits:   lori.pontious (at) gmail.com you might want to make that gmail (dot) com although I don t know how effective any
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 27, 2012
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      Nice report
      Couple of minor edits:
      "lori.pontious (at) gmail.com"
      you might want to make that "gmail (dot) com" although I don't know how effective any of that is
      normally "Initial Report" comes before "Product Information"
      It seems like your report is a little sparse. 
      Maybe add the dimensions. 
      I see you tried it out with some food in it - how many days worth of food?  Did it feel strong enough when you did this?  Was it stretchy?  What happened when you pulled the drawstring?  How easily can you carry the bag when it's full of stuff - is there a handle or strap on it - or maybe that's a Field Report comment.

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