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APPLICATION - Wolverine Gauge - Coy Starnes

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  • Coy Boy
    Application to test the Wolverine Gauge - Coy Starnes I would need an EW 11.5 US - I like the brown over the black but either color will be fine. Applicant:
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      Application to test the Wolverine Gauge - Coy Starnes
      I would need an EW 11.5 US - I like the brown over the black but either color will be fine.

      Applicant: Coy Starnes
      Gender: Male
      Age: 50
      Weight 235 lb. (107 kg)
      Height 6 ft. (1.83 m.)
      E-Mail: starnescr@... (starnescr at yahoo dot com)
      Location: Northeast Alabama (Grant)

      I have read the latest version (v. 0609) of the Survival Guide,especially chapters 4, 5, and 6 and I agree to abide by all rules and requirements set forth. My signed Tester Agreement is on file with BGT. I will meet the minimum nights required (5).

      Brief Bio:
      I am an avid outdoorsman and enjoy hiking, backpacking, hunting, canoeing, caving, and spending as much time outdoors as possible. I live in northeast Alabama where I do most of my backpacking and hiking. I hike solo and with friends and family. I go hiking throughout the year but sometimes wimp out of actually backpacking in midsummer when the heat and humidity make the trail miserable.

      My style is slow and steady. My shelter of choice is a hammock and I usually cook with an alcohol stove. I have made great strides in becoming a lightweight backpacker but I still choose gear with an eye towards comfort and durability. My pack weight is around 25 lb (11 kg) for most summer 2 and 3 day trips. However, in the winter my pack weight climbs considerably, not only in weight but in bulk as well.

      Hello Brett, I would be happy to help BGT test these boot. I'm a long time fan of Wolverine boots, starting back when I was a young whippersnapper. I still remember wearing them in High School and then for several years while I worked construction and as a tree climber. I presently have a pair of Wolverine Compass boots that I wear in the winter and they are very comfortable boots. However, they are a 6 inch boot and I actually prefer a taller boot, and fortunately, the Gauge is an 8 inch boot. I find the taller boot gets the top rim of the boot high enough that it does not rub on my upper ankles like a 6 inch boot can. Also, the extra couple of inches can come in handy when crossing streams in cold weather.

      My testing would focus on the comfort of these boots. I will also be looking at the warmth provided as well as the waterproof abilities. Winters around here are usually not that cold but I usually see plenty of sub-freezing weather and some years I have seen as much as a foot of snow. It is usually cold for a few days and then will warm back up for a week or so, but from mid January until late February the temperatures are usually consistently cold enough that I'm sick of cold weather by the time spring arrives.

      As far as hiking in these boots, I generally don't do long trips. I will hike up to 10 miles in a day, but more often than not my trip will cover 4 or 5 miles for an overnighter. I also recently had my left knee scoped and I'm still a little shaky on it going down steep hills. Having said that, I like to hike for exercise in the winter as apposed to riding my bike. Riding my bike is jut not much fun when I have to bundle up like the Michelin Man.

      And so, I will wear these several times a week on some local trails that are very similar to what I encounter when hiking on the AT, just not as long and with much less elevation differences. This usually is a hike down to the holler where I also like to cross the creek and then hike a couple of miles on trails on the other side. If selected, there will probably be times when I would prefer a lighter shoe (read trail runner) but when I'm testing a boot or shoe I try to wear them as much as possible so would wear the Gauge boots even on milder days. Sometimes this is important information, showing whether the boot can handle a variety of temperatures and conditions or not.

      Proposed Test Locations and Conditions
      I usually hike in the southeast (Al, Tenn, Ga and NC). These trails are usually never flat and seldom dry and are often slick when wet. Rocks and roots are everywhere. I hike in all seasons and have done an overnighter in temperatures as cold as 11 F. Not going to say it was my favorite hike but it was on of my most memorable.

      Test Load: 1
      Energizer Carabiner Area Light - LTR due March 12, 2013

      All my reviews may be found here.


      My test status page is here


      I am currently monitoring 1 test.
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