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Re: Application: Mountainsmith Trekking Poles - Kurt Papke

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  • ringrat55
    Kurt, The poles have had some design and materials updates since 2009 - 7075 aluminum now vs. 6061 aluminum then, etc. Thanks for the app, Andrea
    Message 1 of 2 , Nov 19, 2012
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      The poles have had some design and materials updates since 2009 - 7075 aluminum now vs. 6061 aluminum then, etc.

      Thanks for the app,


      --- In backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com, Kurt Papke <kwpapke@...> wrote:
      > Question: is this test a repeat of the one we did in 2009?:
      > http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/Trekking%20Poles/Poles/Mountainsmith%20Carbonlite%20ProTrekking/
      > Assuming not, my app follows.
      > 1. Disclaimer: I have read the BackpackGearTest.org bylaws v. 0609 in
      > their entirety and my signed compliance statement is on file.
      > 2. Bio: Resident of Tucson, AZ. 6' 4", 230 lbs, age 59, gender=male,
      > e-mail: kwpapke(at)gmail(dot)com. I do a variety of canyon, mountain
      > and desert hiking, mostly in southern Arizona.
      > 3. Link to Previous Test Reports:
      > http://www.backpackgeartest.org/tester_reviews/kwpapke
      > Includes one prior trekking pole test:
      > http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/Trekking%20Poles/Poles/Black%20Diamond%20Trail%20Shock%20Trekking%20Poles/Test%20Report%20by%20Kurt%20Papke/
      > 4. Link to Test Status Page: http://teststatus.backpackgeartest.org/T1789.htm
      > 5. Tests in Progress: none
      > 6. Outstanding Applications: none
      > 7. Any BGT Roles: call manager, monitor(1)
      > 8. Test plan: I have never used carbon fiber poles before because I am
      > very hard on my poles and have had reservations concerning carbon
      > fiber durability. I always use poles when hiking except when
      > scrambling, and between my substantial weight, tough canyon
      > conditions, and hiking pace I manage to destroy a pair of poles
      > annually. This typically occurs when I do a "scree slide" and my feet
      > go out from underneath me when descending a steep, gravelly canyon
      > trail. My poles end up breaking my fall - I'd rather sacrifice them
      > than me.
      > I am intrigued by several other features of these Mountainsmith poles:
      > the neoprene strap sounds pretty comfy, and I've never used cork
      > handles before. I am bit dubious of the twist-lock adjustments with
      > their 160lb limits, but willing to give them a try. The shock
      > absorber lockout is something I'd use on my mountain bike, but I'm
      > curious to see if/how I would use it on a trekking pole.
      > We are entering into the winter hiking season here in Southern AZ, so
      > these poles will get most of their miles in low-altitude mountains
      > such as the Superstitions and Tucsons. I also have a January trip
      > planned to the Mojave desert in California.
      > All that said, please accept my application for testing the
      > Mountainsmith Carbonlite Pro trekking poles.
      > Regards,
      > --Kurt
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