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Re: [EDIT] FR - High Sierra Titan 65 Pack - Theresa Lawrence

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  • Theresa Lawrence
    James, thanks for all your time with editing, I ve fixed it all and uploaded the final report. I hadn t thought of the baggage handlers .... that is a
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      James, thanks for all your time with editing, I've fixed it all and uploaded the final report.

      I hadn't thought of the baggage handlers .... that is a possibility. Favourite may be French, but it's part of the British Spelling Dictionary. Cheers.

      Thanks again,

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      Subject: [EDIT] FR - High Sierra Titan 65 Pack - Theresa Lawrence

      > Thanks for the editing, it's been
      an interesting test so far ...
      > here is the HTML and the text following
      > http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/test/TESTS/FR%20-%20High%20Sierra%20Titan%2065%20pack%20-%20Theresa%20Lawrence/

      Hi Theresa...  Thank you for your
       High Sierra Titan 65 Pack report.  I really appreciate the detail
      you put into covering this backpack.  It looks like you have certainly
      uncovered a few issues.

      I have several small edits for you listed
      below.  If you disagree or need further clarification please let me
      know.  Once you have updated your report to your satisfaction, please
      replace the Initial Report with this Combined Report in the proper folder.
       Also, please remember to delete the copy in the test folder.

      Very nice report, Theresa.  Thank
      you for all your efforts!

      James E. Triplett
      High Sierra Titan 65 Pack Monitor

      - Weather: overcast, mist & drizzle,
      rain, hail. Temperatures ranged from 0-15 C (32-15 F).
      [EDIT]  I believe the conversion
      should be (32-59 F).

      Since the first trip had over 1000 m
      (3281 ft) of elevation, while the second was only 50 m (164 ft) over about
      the same distance.
      [Edit]  I would add the word "gain"
      after "elevation".  "Since the first trip had over
      1000 m (3281 ft) of elevation gain,"

      Both times my pack weighed about 37
      lb (kg).
      [EDIT]  Please add the metric conversion.
       (17 kg).

      The side mesh pockets were big enough
      for 1 L water bottles, but the weight of them ripped the mesh on the first
      [EDIT]  Later in your report you
      say that both mesh pockets ripped.  You may want to make that clear
      in this sentence.

      Because if this I have used them for
      much lighter objects such as my fuel canister, bear spray and empty coffee
      [EDIT]  "if" should be
      "of".  "Because of this…"

      A large hinge pocket on the back with
      gusseted mesh sides as well as a zippered pocket proved to be great storage
      space for rain gear (jacket , pants, gaiters, gloves, hat).
      [EDIT]  Please remove the space
      between "jacket" and the comma.

      the extra volume would make everything
      in it flop around from side to side and front to back wacking me in the
      head every time I leaned forward.
      [EDIT]  Spelling: "whacking".

      As I have yet to find a pack that can
      keep the sweat off my pack or to a minimum,
      [EDIT]  I believe the word "or"
      can be deleted.  "off my pack or to a minimum"

      I don't used the side zip to the main
      [EDIT]  Change to either "I
      don't use" or "I haven't used"

      the handles seemed in the wrong place
      to balance the load.
      [EDIT]  Please start the sentence
      with a capital 'T'.

      I have no idea how I got a small hole
      in the middle of the rain cover, but I did,
      [Edit]  but I did. (period)

      I"m thinking when I placed it on
      the ground.
      [EDIT]  I"m should be I'm.

      Again, I have no idea how this happened
      as the pack hasn't been dragged along anything to my knowledge.
      [Comment]  Possible airport baggage

      I have also observed some stretched
      threading along the attachment points of the shoulder straps to the pack,
      they seem to be taking a lot of strain,
      [Edit]  lot of strain. (period)

      My favourite features so far are the
      quick access pockets on the belt and shoulder strap and the hinged pocket
      on the back.
      [Comment]  "favourite"
      is the French spelling of "favorite".  It is fine to leave
      it that way.


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