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FR SS K2 Sleeping Bag - Lori Pontious

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  • Lori Pontious
    Hi Kurt, here is the report on the K2. HTML: Text: Field Report Field Conditions I took the K2 with me for one night to a Search and Rescue event, using it at
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      Hi Kurt, here is the report on the K2.



      Field Report

      Field Conditions
      I took the K2 with me for one night to a Search and Rescue event, using it at our base camp near Shaver Lake, in Sierra National Forest, California. Conditions were clear skies, no wind or other weather events. The night temperature didn't make it below 56 F (13 F).

      I went camping in Montana de Oro State Park, near Los Osos, California, for a weekend of fun on the coast for two nights. We had a heavy dew, some mist, and a light breeze each afternoon. Lows were in the 50 - 55 F (10 - 13 C) range.

      I spent two nights using the K2 at Sunset State Beach near Watsonville, California. Skies were clear and we again had a lot of dew. It was colder than the other trips, about 45 F (7 C) at night.

      So far, I am having good results with the K2. It's been warm in the conditions I've camped in. I sleep well. Or at least the times I am awake it isn't due to the bag (shoe stealing raccoons don't influence the bag performance).

      I have been using the bag with a Big Agnes insulated air mattress each trip. The mattress is 20" wide. I usually put a jacket in the hood of the bag to serve as a pillow. When inside the bag I find that the bag is so wide and long that there is a lot of extra space, and the liner material is so smooth I tend to slide around easily. The bag is wider than the mattress, so the edges fall over the sides of the 3.5" (89 mm) mattress.

      The only things that have been bothersome about the bag have been the zipper and the large size of the bag relative to me. The zippers snag sometimes, so I have to rearrange the bag and try tugging in a different direction to get it moving again. And then there is so much of the bag that I sometimes feel like I am lost in there. I've awakened to find the zipper under me, or on top of me, thanks to the way I move around in my sleep and the huge, slippery bag. I would be concerned, however, if not for how large the bag is - at least if the zipper jams completely I can always slide out through the opening without restriction!

      I have noticed no obvious wear and tear on the bag beyond what is noted in the initial report, however, there are some seams on the stuff sack that are coming apart.

      I have not been using the compression straps when packing up the bag. It doesn't make much difference and since I am not stuffing it in a backpack, I don't care about the stuffed size of the bag. I have not used the zippered pocket, either. There isn't anything I have car camping that really fits inside. I would also be concerned that I'd roll over on top of the pocket, which would be uncomfortable at best and damage whatever was inside at the worst.

      My thanks to Exxel Outdoors and BackpackGearTest.org for the opportunity to test the Suisse Sport K2 Sleeping Bag. Please come back in two months when I post my Long Term Report.

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