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EDIT: IR: GSI Outdoors Glacier Stainless Kettle - Kerri Larkin

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  • Lori Pontious
    Hi Kerri, I ve been at a conference so a bit delayed, but here are your edits. HTML looks good! ... EDIT: no need for the comma in this caption ... EDIT: has
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 4, 2012
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      Hi Kerri,

      I've been at a conference so a bit delayed, but here are your edits.

      HTML looks good!

      > Described as, "Fire-Proof, Rust-Proof, Scout-Proof" but
      > wrapped in protective plastic

      EDIT: no need for the comma in this caption

      > completely if needed. I love that GSI have found an easy solution to the
      > perennial problem of burnt hands when using almost any cookware.

      EDIT: has found

      > The handle stowed and extended for use. It actually stay upright!

      EDIT: stays upright

      > A spout only it's mother could love
      > Squat means no snags in the pack

      EDIT: its

      > There were no instructions included with the kettle, but it really is
      > obvious how it fits together. The packaging showed some great information on
      > the fact that the Glacier is uncoated.

      Comment: up at the top you say you will call it the kettle, and in
      places you call it the Glacier - might want to add that nickname in as
      well above, or be consistent with what you have stated you will call
      the kettle.

      > give me cancer here. Because the kettle is uncoated, GSI says it can be
      > scaped, scoured with sand or thrown in the dishwasher without concern.

      EDIT: scraped, scoured...

      > reason for choosing stainless steel is so the kettle can be used with wood
      > fires and still be easily cleaned. I'll be looking with interest as to how
      > that works.
      > The box detail also shows the kettle is capable of nesting a 110 gram (3.9
      > oz) gas cartridge internally. While that's great, it's probably not a
      > feature I will use, and I think I can use the internal volume of the kettle
      > more fully than a single gas canister.

      Edit: the wording here is a bit off to my "ear" - I'm looking in
      particular at the phrasing "capable of nesting" and then the next
      sentence just sounds circumlocutory and roundabout. Suggest
      simplifying this to something along the lines of "The kettle is big
      enough that I can nest a ... I will probably use the kettle for
      storing other things, such as my bowl, spork, pack towel, etc. "

      > For an initial tryout I used the burner of my gas stove to see how long it
      > would take to boil 500ml water.

      EDIT: don't forget the conversion here.

      > fingers. I love that! I'm looking forward to trying the kettle on a wood
      > fire to see if thatremains true.

      EDIT: Need a space between that and remains.

      See you in a couple of months! Happy boiling.

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