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FR Suisse Sport Mammoth Tent - L Pontious

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  • Lori Pontious
    Hi Larry, Here is the FR for the House - er, tent. I am thinking a second one would be a fine garage. Thanks in advance for your edits Lori Field Report Field
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 30, 2012
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      Hi Larry,

      Here is the FR for the House - er, tent.

      I am thinking a second one would be a fine garage.

      Thanks in advance for your edits


      Field Report

      Field Conditions
      I took the tent with me for one night to a Search and Rescue event, using it at our base camp near Shaver Lake, in Sierra National Forest, California. Conditions were clear skies, no wind or other weather events.

      I took the tent to Montana de Oro State Park, near Los Osos, California, for a weekend of fun on the coast. I shared the tent with two other people and some gear for two nights. We had a heavy dew, some mist, and a light breeze each afternoon.

      I spent two nights in the tent at Sunset State Beach near Watsonville, California. Skies were clear and we again had a lot of dew.

      I have found the tent to be roomy as expected, and I've enjoyed the ability to stand up and move around while changing, organizing gear for the day, or packing up for the trip home. Having two other people and their gear, in addition to myself and my gear, was not enough to fill the space.

      The tent has held up well to even unintentional mishaps such as orienting the poles incorrectly in the fly. Setting up after dark, after a long drive to camp, I managed to get the long pole where the shorter one should be. After a good night's sleep I looked at the fly and wondered how I managed to do that! The fly definitely wasn't sitting correctly on the tent. I was able to rotate the poles without even removing the fly and got them in correctly. The fly showed no signs of the traumatic experience. The tent as a whole has held up well, with no obvious wear and tear.

      I've had no difficulties with the setup or the use of the tent, however, when it's time to pack, that's another story. I fold the tent in fourths, first each end toward the center, then once more over itself. Then I try to roll it up small enough to fit back into the original zippered bag it came in. Then I give up and stuff everything in the trunk of the car. Air trapped inside the tent is the problem, I suspect, and I have not the patience to carefully squeeze all of it out. It's not really an impediment as I can put the tent in a trash bag if it's wet or muddy.

      I haven't used the small electrical cord access, since I won't use electrical devices in a tent. I have put my smart phone in the gear loft with the flashlight app turned on (forgot a lamp or headlight on one trip) to illuminate the tent and used it to dry a shirt. I think I would like the loft to be bigger, so I could dry a shirt plus socks or another shirt, but I suppose that would decrease head room in the tent.

      I haven't experienced rain or strong wind with the tent, so I can't comment on how the tent would fare in inclement weather. The dew we experienced on the coast was no problem until I pulled the fly off the tent, at which point condensation on the underside of the fly came down through the mesh ceiling and spattered everything inside. As I was packing to go home, this wasn't a serious issue.

      All in all, it's been nice having a tent the size of a small house on my camping trips - being able to accommodate a couple of last minute campers and having lots of space to spread out is a luxury.

      Thanks to Exxel Outdoors and BackpackGearTest.org for the opportunity to test the Suisse Sport Mammoth 12' x 10' Tent. Please come back in two months when I post my Long Term Report.

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