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LTR - Princeton Tec Spectrum Fuel Headlamp - Katie Montovan

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  • Katie Sullivan Montovan
    Hi Kathy, I have completed the Long Term Report for the Princeton Tec Spectrum Fuel Headlamp and have uploaded the report to the test folder (tinyurl:
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      Hi Kathy,

      I have completed the Long Term Report for the Princeton Tec Spectrum
      Fuel Headlamp and have uploaded the report to the test folder
      (tinyurl: http://tinyurl.com/9mxwwmw) for your editing. This has been
      a nice headlamp. This has been a busy few weeks between school, work
      and spousal medical issues and emergency surgery, so I have been
      unable to prepare my reports in advance like I like to. Somehow all of
      my tests are completing today (even though they started spaced over 2
      months), so I am hoping to be able to complete all the long term
      reports throughout the day today, but there is a chance that I might
      need an extension of a couple of days on one or two of them. I will
      write later with an extension request if I need it.



      *INITIAL REPORT: * *April 26, 2012
      ** FIELD REPORT: **August 21, 2012**
      LONG TERM REPORT: October** 16, 2012***

      Trip 1: 1-night kayak camping trip to Cranberry Lake in the
      Adirondacks of Western New York. Temperatures ranged from 55 F ( C) to
      75 F ( C) and with high winds and drizzling rain.

      In addition, I have continued to use the headlamp for night-time runs,
      reading in bed, and nighttime car repair.

      In the long term testing of this headlamp it continued to perform as
      it had in previous phases of testing. I only encountered one problem
      which occurs when I use rechargeable batteries. A few trips after I
      replace the batteries with fully charged ones, the headlamp starts to
      dim. It works fine for the first few minutes and then diminishes
      quickly until I realize that I am functioning without much light at
      all. If I let it sit, it will turn on with good light output, then
      diminish again. I have not experienced this with any of my other
      headlamps using the same rechargeable batteries. I am always careful
      to carry a set of extra headlamp batteries, so when I notice this
      starting to happen I now know that it means the batteries are dying
      and is it time to change the batteries before I am suddenly stuck
      somewhere away from my extra batteries with no light.

      *SUMMARY *
      This has become my headlamp of choice because of its distinctive
      color, adjustable bracket, small size, light weight, and water
      resistance. I have to say that when I initially realized that the only
      customizable parts of this headlamp were the coloring I thought that
      it was a little frivolous. After all, I don't go to the woods to show
      off my fashion. But I have come to appreciate the distinctiveness of
      my headlamp on group camping trips where there are many of the
      standard headlights that often get mixed up. I have also enjoyed the
      back bracket that allows attachment customization. Overall, the
      Spectrum Fuel Headlamp has been reliable and has worked well in the
      conditions I have encountered.

      *LIKES *
      * Distinctive colors make it easy to find and hard to confuse with
      other people's headlamps
      * Highly adjustable bracket angle makes it possible to point it in
      a wide range of directions and to use it while it is upside-down
      * Back bracket make it easy to take it off the elastic band and
      attach it to another, more convenient, strap.
      * Light weight
      * Small size

      *DISLIKES *
      * Low setting is too bright for my nighttime reading
      * Light diminishes quickly when rechargeable batteries become low on charge

      Thank you to Princeton Tec and BackpackGearTest.org for the
      opportunity to test the Spectrum Fuel headlamp. It has been an
      enjoyable test of a nice little headlamp.
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