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LTR - Ahnu Mendocino Boots - John Waters

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    Ralph, Just in time, I ve uploaded my LTR in the test folder at http://tinyurl.com/8bfswzl and the text is below. Kathy s gone again and I m drowning in her
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      Just in time, I've uploaded my LTR in the test folder at
      http://tinyurl.com/8bfswzl and the text is below. Kathy's gone again and
      I'm drowning in her work and mine.

      Thanks in advance for the edits.



      Over the past four weeks, we have been out in the backcountry on two
      different overnight trips and several (4-5) day hikes. We hiked in the Royal
      Gorge BLM (Bureau of Land Management) District which abuts the north
      boundary of our property in Canon City, Colorado. Elevation is roughly
      between 5300 ft (1600 m) and 9100 ft (2770 m). These past few months we
      broke temperature records here in Colorado and temperatures during the
      daytime very often exceeded 90+ F (32+ C). We usually reached a low at night
      70 F (21 C). However, it has been too hot to wear the Ahnu Leather boots as
      often I would have liked to.

      Fortunately, we managed to find time to get up into the high country in
      Beaver Creek, Colorado this past weekend. So, I was able to put these boots
      through a rather strenuous 9-mile (14.5 km) round-trip hike from 8,100 ft
      (2488 m) elevation to 10,200 ft (3109 m) elevation. That's a 2,100 ft (640
      m) rise in 4 miles (6.5 km), which is averaged at a 6-degree rise, and at
      times (the beginning and end) was a 45-degree incline up and down a few
      black diamond ski slopes. The weather was beautiful and the fall colors were
      fabulous. And thanks to these boots, the trip was quite comfortable.


      Throughout this field test, these boots have performed well. No long-term
      break-in was required. No signs of any sore spots or rubbing for the most
      part. That is except on drastic down-hill treks. I normally wear a 10.5 US
      size and do not have problems with hitting the top of the toe box, but I
      also don't normally travel for 4.5 miles constantly going down a 45 degree
      incline. About half way down I could feel my 2nd toe (it's a little longer
      than my big toe) hitting the top of the toe box. I had to stop and tie my
      laces as tight as I could, much tighter than I would have liked them to be,
      in order to stop my foot from sliding forward. I have not had this problem
      with these boots scrambling through short rock scree hills and climbing over
      boulders. So I can only attribute the need for an adjustment to wearing the
      boots for several hours in 70 F (21 C) sunshine and maybe to my feet
      slightly swelling after hiking uphill on such an incline. Anyway, tightening
      the laces down really tight solved the problem.

      I was concerned about the appearance of these boots after the wear and tear
      I was giving them. They were really getting scuffed up. But, as seen in the
      enclosed photo, they clean up pretty well with a simple cleaning compound.
      In the photo, the right boot was cleaned and the left was not.

      I have never felt my foot twist after trekking in the boots for miles and
      miles (kilometers and kilometers - had to do the conversion) over all sorts
      of terrain. I am especially wary of loose scree and small rocks and broken
      shale. But I never felt like my ankle was going to twist and I was going to
      be in pain for days. In fact, I forgot these boots were on my feet and I was
      able to enjoy the trips.

      Of course, where we hike, the exterior of the boots gets marked up with
      small nicks and scratches. But, a leather treatment, as shown above, takes
      care of getting the boots back into almost like new condition. The soles
      have not worn at al. There is no delamination. No separating of the body
      from the sole. No wear on the laces. Yes, the leather does look like it was
      worn, as leather gets folds and looks softer as it flexes. These boots will
      never look smooth new after they are worn and the more they are worn, the
      more they will look like a well-worn leather jacket. Proof I used them.


      After testing, in my opinion, the Ahnu Mendocino boots are hiking boots for
      hikers who like performance footwear. They are sturdy, flexible and
      comfortable. They protected my feet from rough trail and abuse from rocks
      and bumps. My feet did not sweat and nor did the boots cause them to stink.
      Even after hiking for miles/kilometers, there was very little odor when I
      removed the boots. I have some trail shoes that stink after an hour on the

      The Mendocinos inhibited twisting of my feet and protected me from twisted
      ankles and pulled muscles. I felt very secure wearing them under adverse
      conditions. So, yes I liked them. Alot!

      Thank you to BackpackGearTest.org and Ahnu for the opportunity to try out
      these boots.

      John R. Waters
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