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LTR: Icebreaker Rush Crewe - Gail

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  • woodswoman
    Richard, Thanks for the heads-up on your upcoming trip. I was almost finished with my report so it worked out great. Hope you are enjoying that Montana
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      Thanks for the heads-up on your upcoming trip. I was almost finished with my report so it worked out great. Hope you are enjoying that Montana lifestyle! Thanks for your time in monitoring this series.



      Long Term Report:
      September 3, 2012


      the field test period I have worn the Icebreaker Rush Crewe
      during two different backpacking trips. Although the first trip was
      only three days the second trip was over nineteen days. I have
      continued to
      wear it for other sports activities.
      Location of the
      backcountry trips were in Michigan and California and ranged
      from hilly deciduous forest to open mountainous terrain.
      Elevation ranged from 600 ft (183 m) to 14,508 ft
      (4422 m).

      Backpacking Trip

      Location: Grand Island National
      Recreation Area, Lake Superior, Michigan
      Type of Trip: Trail
      Distance: 13.8 mi (22 km)
      Length of Trip: 3 days/2 nights
      Pack Weight: 21 lb (9 kg) without
      Sky and Air Conditions: Mostly
      Precipitation: Trace of rain 0.08
      in (0.20 cm)
      Temperature Range: 57 F to 75 F (14
      C to 75 C)

      Backpacking Trip

      Location: John Muir Trail, Sierra
      Nevada Mts, California
      Type of Trip: Trail
      Distance: 230 mi (370 km)
      Length of Trip: 19 days
      Pack Weight: Varied with food
      drops (carried anywhere from four days to ten days of food at a time
      approx 24 to 35 lb/11 to 16 kg)
      Sky and Air Conditions: Mostly
      sunny but had seven episodes of rain
      Precipitation: Rain (7X) and hail
      (2X), Approx: 0.43 in/1.09 cm total
      Temperature Range: 95 F to below 40
      F (35 C to 4 C)

      Dayhikes, Trail Running, and Mt

      Locations: Michigan and Wisconsin
      Distances: Up to 15
      mi (24 km)
      Temperature Range: 85 F to 70 F (20
      C to 21 C)  

      in the Field

      I have continued to
      wear the Icebreaker Rush Crewe for a variety of activities. During
      backpacking I have worn it mostly with a long sleeve shirt covering it.
      That was due to the intensity of the sun for prolonged periods of time.
      During shorter events such as trail running it has been worn alone for the
      most part. 

      During my backpacking trek to Grand Island I wore the combination of
      shirts the whole time. The weather was mild and comfortable so this worked well during
      the duration of my hike.

      My last backpacking trip was an extended one including 19 days on the
      trail. It also included several more days before and after the trip. I
      only include this information as I left Michigan by airplane with only
      a few garments and wore them before, during and after the backpacking
      trip.  I had no place to stow extra items (no rental car) so
      everything had to be versatile.

      Since the California sun combined with high
      altitude were extremely harsh, the Rush Crewe was never worn
      alone. It became my base layer underneath a long sleeve button-down
      shirt during the morning hours and removed when it got too hot. It also
      was worn every evening and throughout the night for sleeping with a long-sleeve wool
      shirt over it for more warmth.

      The shirt continues to wet out in Michigan's high humidity environment
      (minimum of 60 percent RH) but it remains comfortable regardless. It does wet out
      especially around the neckline but it doesn't affect its performance. I
      still think the mesh areas of the shirt breathe better and I would like to see the
      whole shirt made out of the perforated fabric.During my California trip high humidity wasn't a problem. That
      was a good thing as my shirts only occasionally were rinsed out (twice)
      during the long trip. There was simply no extra time at the end of a
      day and I needed it to be dry to sleep in it. That said I could detect
      no funky odors after almost three weeks.

      The Rush Crewe has held up perfectly. It is a bit heavier than some of
      my micro-weight wool shirts but seems less prone to losing it's shape
      or stretching out. It has remained easy to wash and dry (on hanging
      rack). I can't detect whether the color is a brilliant as it was when I
      got it but I believe it is the same hue.


      In conclusion, the Rush Crewe is a comfortable shirt with a nice fit.
      It is easy to wear even if it is wet from high humidity. It layers very well
      with other clothing.    


          * Non-bulky

          * Mesh areas
      are cooler or more breathable

          * Comfortable
      and non-itchy


          *  Would be nice if the whole shirt was fabricated with the mesh material instead of limited areas

      Tester Remarks 

      to Icebreaker and BackpackGearTest.org for this opportunity to test the Rush Crewe.This report
      concludes the test series.

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