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Edit - Yakima SkyBox 16 - Dawn Larsen

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  • richardglyon@att.net
    Dawn, Excellent report with very helpful pictures, only a few edits, in the standard format. Please wait on uploading until we sort out the product name (see
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      Excellent report with very helpful pictures, only a few edits, in the standard format. Please wait on uploading until we sort out the product name (see below).

      For your Field Report, please send me a copy offlist when you post. I generally read only the digests and it's easy to miss a report. Thanks.

      Cheers, Richard

      <<Yakima SkyBox 16s>>
      EDIT/Edit: Why the "s?" I don't see it on the website. However Ryan, one of the other testers included it too, so I'd like to know the source. Packing list, hang tag, instruction sheet, what? Please let me know, as we can't change the title of a report folder. If indeed all are testing the 16S I'll make a new folder.

      <<Measured Weight: 47 lbs 2 oz (21.38 kg)>>
      Comment: How on Earth did you measure the weight?

      <<OK, well, I'm not complaining because this is a VERY cool thing, but...We were
      originally supposed to test the RocketBox. My main test question concerned
      whether I could, as a single women, by myself, handle the gear. At 47 lbs., I
      cannot. I had to have my son help me put it on the car. I was hoping the
      RocketBox would be a little lighter. >>
      EDIT: Delete the second sentence and the reference to the RocketBox in the last sentence. Neither is pertinent to your Test Report and might offend the manufacturer.

      << The guy couldn't get down my street so he had to hand cart it to my door.>>
      Edit: hand-cart [with a hyphen]

      << Features according to the Yakima website:
      The new lid is 50% stiffer than our other boxes, so it vibrates less and is
      easier to open and shut one-handed
      New lid shape is easy to grab onto, even if you have particularly clumsy
      Super Latch Security ensures your lid is secure to its base, and your stuff
      is safer than Fort Knox
      Quick-installation mounting hardware fits car rack systems with round,
      square and most factory crossbars.
      New aerodynamic shape reduces wind drag
      Fits crossbar spreads as short as 24"
      Integrated track system for accessories like a cargo net or base pad
      SKS locks included standard
      Matte, stealth anti-scratch finish>>
      EDIT: Please delete this. It's a direct quote from the manufacturer, which anyone reading your Report can check for himself on the website you've identified. It's OK to summarize, particularly if it's a new or unique feature, or refer to individual parts that your testing confirms or undercuts. The next two sentences ("According to the instructions, though there is dual side access with locking mechanisms on both sides, I can only open one side of the box at a time. As well, I can change the core of the lock if I ever needed to.") are good examples of what is appropriate.

      << I noticed in the instructions that the Pro series comes with a pad for the
      inside of the box >>
      EDIT: SkyBox Pro series

      <<I was hoping that this would be the answer to my 2 long 1000 mile treks per year to my home state. >>
      Edit: 1000-mile [with a hyphen]
      Edit: Use of "long" is redundant when you provide the distance. I'd delete that word.
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