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  • Ralph Ditton
    Hello Christopher, Here is my final installment for your green pen. See: http://tinyurl.com/8xvjage The text version is below. Best Ralph Long Term Report
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      Hello Christopher,
      Here is my final installment for your green pen.
      See: http://tinyurl.com/8xvjage
      The text version is below.

      Long Term Report
      During this phase I camped out at Margaret River for three nights in the
      Cape Naturaliste region some 3 hours car drive south of Perth.
      Elevation was around 80 metres (263 ft). Temperatures of an evening
      when I went to bed around 9.30 pm ranged from 12.3 C (54 F) to 18.4 C
      (65 F) at 6.30 am when I rose. [Source: Bureau of Meteorology]
      This was a car base camp and I slept in a one person tent.

      Fortunately I was blessed with some cooler weather of an evening. I even
      had light rain on my final evening.

      Performance in the Field
      During this phase I was able to spend the whole night inside the bag as
      the outside temperature was just chilly enough to give me a comfortable
      night's sleep. I was only dressed in my underpants.

      The bag is a tad long for me when walking around. I had to hang onto the
      legs and pull them up so that my feet inside the "booties" section of
      the bag were hard up against the soles of my feet. If I did not hang
      onto the sides of the bag opposite my hips, the "booties" would flop to
      one side with my feet not inside them and I was walking on the leg
      section just above the "booties". See photo.

      too long

      too long
      I did not wear the bag around the camp as the evening was still pleasant
      for shorts and a T shirt. I would have been too hot to wear it around
      camp. When I went to bed the temperature had dropped to a pleasant level
      with a slight chill from the wind blowing from a SSE direction ranging
      between 15 km/h to 22 km/h (9.3 mph to 14 mph).

      Laying on my sleeping mat and pillow inside my bag I was very
      comfortable and was not conscious of any crushing of the fill between my
      body and the sleeping platforms mentioned above. I did not experience
      any cold spots. What I did never overcome was having my hands inside the
      sleeve. I always sleep with my hands out side, even in a sleeping bag
      near my face. With this bag I just tucked them under the arm pit region
      and they kept warm.
      What I did miss in this bag was a little pocket to put say a key for the
      ablution block or button LED torch away in.
      Speaking of ablutions, I had to be very careful when passing urine that
      I did not accidentally wash the inside ends of the sleeves as they are
      very close to the plumbing especially when only using partial moonlight
      (last quarter phase) which was just bright enough to see where I was going.

      On my final night, there was a period of light rain that wet the ground
      and my tent. Water did pool on my groundsheet under the tent near the
      foot end. I was in two minds as to whether to get out of the bag and go
      to my tent in just my underpants and bare feet (the shoes were in the
      tent's vestibule) or chance it and see how wet the soles of the bag got.
      For the sake of the test, I walked on the wet grass to my tent, unzipped
      the fly, knelt on the dry groundsheet and entered the tent head first. I
      checked the soles of the bag and found that they were wet but the water
      did not penetrate the lining as far as I could tell. I certainly felt no
      wetness by my feet. The sleeping mat got a bit wet from the surface of
      the bag but nothing to worry about.

      I have had the misfortune to experience the hottest summer temperatures
      on record for our region so I was limited to my use of this wonderful
      concept. Fortunately I did manage to jag three consecutive cool nights
      after relatively warm days whereby I could sleep the whole night inside
      the bag. What would I like to see changed? I would like to see a little
      pouch/pocket for small items that would be close to hand and minimize
      the chance of dropping something in the dark. The second thing that came
      to me when it was raining was a facility for the feet to exit the legs
      similar in fashion to the hands being able to exit through the slits on
      the inner of the arms.
      I will continue to use this bag when camping and I am really looking
      forward to see how it will perform in my colder climate in May/June when
      temperatures get down to -3 C (27 F). I am happy to add an addendum to
      this report after that experience.

      I have nothing further to add to my "Likes" and "Dislikes" that appear
      in the Initial Report.
      Many thanks to Selk'Bag USA and BackPackGearTest for allowing me to test
      this product.
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