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LTR - ExOfficio Storm Logic Jacket - Andrea Murland

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    Jet, Here s my LTR for the Storm Logic. Thanks for monitoring the test! Andrea HTML: http://tinyurl.com/83kzwsf Text: ExOfficio Storm Logic Jacket Long Term
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 12, 2012
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      Here's my LTR for the Storm Logic. Thanks for monitoring the test!

      HTML: http://tinyurl.com/83kzwsf


      ExOfficio Storm Logic Jacket
      Long Term Report – February 12, 2012

      Field Conditions
      During the Long Term Testing stage, I have continued to wear the Storm Logic around town and in the backcountry. It's also seen a bit more travel use. A brief summary follows:
      - 2 cross-country skis, with a baselayer underneath, in dry conditions down to -12 C (10 F).
      - 1 short snowshoeing trip & 1 hiking trip, with a baselayer underneath, in cloudy conditions around freezing.
      - 1 day of downhill skiing on-resort, in temperatures down to -7 C (19 F), wearing a baselayer and midlayer.
      - 3 days of ski touring during an avalanche course, with lots of snow assessment as well as walking & skiing. The conditions ranged from sunny to cloudy, with temperatures from -10 C (14 F) to around freezing.
      - 2 flights, just over an hour long each.

      I have continued to find the Storm Logic to be a very functional and comfortable jacket through the milder weather this winter.

      Regarding fit & comfort: the jacket is comfortable over a baselayer alone or with a light midlayer underneath as well, and slides smoothly under my shell, so it's a great mid or top layer that way. I should mention that it also fits comfortably over my avalanche transceiver, which is important. The fabric is soft and cool against skin, but warms up quickly once the jacket's on. The collar, when zipped all the way, keeps wind off my neck, but is a little short to really tuck my face into. About the most I can get inside the collar is my chin. The jacket is comfortable under a pack; it doesn't bunch up around the shoulders, and the smooth fabric keeps it from bunching up in the back as well. My pack slides easily across the fabric, making it easy to get the pack on and off.

      The warmth of the jacket is excellent for temperatures around freezing. With little activity, I'm a bit cold, but with strenuous activity I'm absolutely sweating. I found that while ski touring I would start in a baselayer and the Storm Logic and then have to switch to a lighter, more breathable mid-layer shortly into the tour. I'd throw the Storm Logic back on at lunch and for the ski down, as an extra layer of warmth while sitting around and for wind & snow resistance on the way down. I did a lot of digging snow pits for a 5-day avalanche course and the Storm Logic was a great outer layer for that, since it shed snow. Speaking of water resistance, I found that the jacket shed dry snow, but wet snow wetted the outer fabric out. I wouldn't wear it in a rainstorm, and in wet snow I'd rapidly consider putting a shell on top. The wind resistance of the jacket is good. I mentioned the breathability; for an insulated jacket it's pretty breathable, but definitely not breathable enough for when I'm working hard. Especially with a pack on, I'd find myself starting to sweat shortly into any fairly strenuous activity (ski touring or cross-country skiing), which is something I try to avoid if I'm heading into the backcountry in the winter.

      I only took two flights with this jacket in the Long Term testing stage, and I used the pillow against the wall of the plane as I described in the Field Report. I really like being able to turn my jacket into a pillow on the plane, but found that it was a bit inconvenient to find myself wanting another cover, and it was also a bit inconvenient to have to empty the pockets.

      While ski touring I enjoyed the variety of pockets. With a pack on, the two lower inside pockets and the two handwarmer pockets become relatively useless for me because my waist strap sits across them. However, I often had gloves or a hat stuffed either into the upper zippered pocket. I also used the arm pocket for lip balm and my inclinometer.

      The durability of the jacket seems reasonable. There are a few loose threads starting to show up, and the reflective logos are starting to peel off on the collar and on the hemline. Some of the insulation feels a bit packed down at the bottom of the jacket, at the back, probably from sitting against my pack. I washed the jacket once using a technical wash and hung it to dry, and found that a few stains (dark spots) didn't come out.

      I really enjoyed testing the Storm Logic. It's a great, versatile jacket, and I can definitely see myself using it a lot in spring and autumn. Since I found it to be functional over a range of temperatures and activities, it's a great jacket to take travelling, in addition to the excellent travel-specific features.

      Thumbs Up:
      Turns into a pillow!
      Lots of pockets
      Reasonable warmth, breathability, and wind resistance

      Thumbs Down:
      Outer fabric wets out
      Staining of fabric
      Logos starting to peel off
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