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LTR: Magellan eXplorist 710 - L Pontious

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  • Lori
    URL: http://tinyurl.com/84xfn2o Text: Long Term Report Field Locations/Usage Pacheco State Park, California, December 11, driving, hiking Pincushion Peak,
    Message 1 of 1 , Feb 7, 2012
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      URL: http://tinyurl.com/84xfn2o


      Long Term Report

      Field Locations/Usage

      Pacheco State Park, California, December 11, driving, hiking

      Pincushion Peak, Millerton Lake, Fresno, CA December 14, geocaching

      Point Reyes National Seashore, California, January 13 - 15, backpacking

      Dewey Point, Yosemite National Park, California, February 4 - 5,


      Since my field report, I continued to use the GPS on dayhikes, for
      driving long distances, on two backpacking trips and one geocaching
      trip. In this phase of testing I used rechargeable batteries and made
      use of the "suspend" mode to prolong battery life.

      IMAGE - the geocache on Pincushion Peak

      I have had no issues interfacing with the computer, except to note
      that the GPS will not connect to an older topographic software
      program by National Geographic. VantagePoint is sometimes slow to
      load and due to intermittent internet during this phase of testing I
      did not make a lot of internet uploads or downloads. Pulling the
      detailed maps from the GPS into the software helped resolve some of
      my frustration at not having a topographical software that works with
      the GPS, but the colors of the contour lines make the map difficult
      to read. I would like to find different map software that works with
      the GPS after the conclusion of this test.

      The GPS continued to perform well on all trips except when I went to
      Yosemite. Day temperatures were in the 30 - 40 F ( -1 - 4 C) range,
      and I found that the touch screen responded sluggishly and finger
      touches left transient images for a few seconds on the screen. I put
      the GPS in one of my pockets for the duration of the trip and it
      seemed to resolve the problem.

      Battery life using rechargeables diminished somewhat, to around 8-9
      hours. I made use of suspend mode on the two longer backpacking trips
      and on the day hikes. The unit occasionally suspends, then comes back
      to active mode within seconds. If I immediately suspend it again the
      GPS will remain suspended. On each hike, I zeroed out the trip
      odometer, trip time, miles, and hiked for a few miles, then put the
      GPS in suspend mode. Each time at the end of the day when I woke up
      the unit, I noted the settings - while hiking with the GPS suspended
      it did not increment the odometer, trip time, or speed of travel.
      This is frustrating since data collection is a large part of the
      reason I hike with a GPS. Suspend does extend the life of the
      batteries significantly, however, and I did note that the tracks were
      saved. The manual specifically states that the track is saved in
      suspend, but does not mention other data. This has not changed after
      I applied the software update to version 6.33.

      In summary, I continue to like the features of the GPS and the many
      ways the GPS can adapt to various activities - there are modes for
      more travel methods than I will ever use, and the memory capacity and
      ease of use are excellent. The eXplorist is durable and waterproof,
      and has had no serious software glitches or crashes. I have
      appreciated the efficient menu system and configurable dashboard data
      display. What remains disappointing to me are the lack of audible
      warning for battery life end, the limited information gathering while
      in suspend mode, and the limited battery life in general regardless
      of the type of battery used. I will likely continue to use the unit
      on short 1 - 3 day outings, for geocaching, and for driving, but will
      not be taking it on extended backpacking trips or Search and Rescue

      My thanks to Backpackgeartest.org and to Mitac International for the
      opportunity to test the Magellan eXplorist 710.


      * many useful features for different kinds of travel

      * ease of use, if user is familiar with using a GPS already

      * configurable buttons and menu options to help customize and provide
      quick access to some settings

      * durability


      * unpredictable battery life

      * no convenient/quick way of resetting odometer, timer and other data

      * no audible warning for low battery

      * does not continue to track speed, time, or mileage while the unit
      is in suspend mode
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