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Ex Officio Storm Logic FR - Jen P

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  • Jennifer Pope
    Hi Jet- Here s my updated FR based on what we discussed.  More to talk about now.  It s in the test folder as well.
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      Hi Jet-

      Here's my updated FR based on what we discussed.  More to talk about
      now.  It's in the test folder as well.


      Field Report
      February 3, 2012

      Field Conditions (back to top)

      Short hike along Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire, USA. Approximately
      1 mile (1.6 km), 45 F (7 C), overcast with gusty winds off the lake.
      Casual wearings around town in Connecticut and California in 25 to 60
      F (-4-16 C).
      Shoveling snow in a really wet snow storm. 35 F (2 C), gusty winds.
      2 day hikes on Wintergreen Lake, Connecticut, USA. Approximately 3
      miles (4.8 km), sunny and approximately 40 F (4 C).
      Sailing in San Diego Bay, California, USA. Sunny, very windy and 50 F (10 C).
      Day hike on the Sacramento River Trail in Redding, California, USA.
      Approximately 1 mile (1.6 km), sunny and 50 F (10 C).
      5 flight legs ranging from 1 hour to 6 grueling hours with two toddlers.

      Lake Winnipesaukee in late Fall and the foreboding sky


      As the reader may have noticed the Field Report period for this test
      was twice the normal length. Unfortunately for this test, New England
      has had an exceptionally mild winter. This has meant that this jacket
      didn't get much use in the first two months of this test. In order to
      fairly evaluate the jacket, this field report covers four months of
      wear. The long term report will remain the regular 2 month time

      The first time I wore this jacket it wasn't particularly cold out but
      there was a cold wind gusting off of the lake I was hiking around.
      When I initially started walking I had the jacket zipped up and I did
      not feel the wind at all. It kept me quite warm inside the jacket.
      After walking for a bit and warming up, I was able to unzip the jacket
      and still feel comfortable.

      I wore this jacket during a freak snow storm at the end of October.
      The snowfall was very, very wet and basically melted on contact with
      the jacket. For most of my time in the snow I was shoveling snow so I
      was definitely getting my heart rate going. The jacket got quite wet
      but the dampness did not seem to seep through and get my clothing wet.
      And although I was working hard, I didn't get overly sweaty and I kept
      the jacket fully zipped the whole time. I usually find that if my feet
      stay warm the rest of my body tends to stay warm too (and I was
      wearing thick socks and waterproof boots). Although the jacket was
      quite wet, it did dry pretty quickly in my warm but dark basement hung
      on a drying rack. By the next afternoon it was completely dry (and
      possibly before then, that's when I happened to check it).

      I find the jacket quite comfortable to wear. It feels cozy to me. I
      like the elastic in the wrists, it keeps cold air out nicely but it
      isn't tight at all so I can actually fit full-sized winter gloves
      inside the jacket cuff. On a typical hike or just for daily use I just
      wear a thin pair of knit gloves or occasionally thinner fleece gloves.
      All of these options work nicely with this jacket. And I have plenty
      of pockets to store my gloves in if I go inside or want to take them
      off temporarily. One thing I don't like is that the jacket is lined
      with a silky material similar to the outside of the jacket.
      Occasionally, I wear the jacket with short sleeves and I don't like
      that silky material directly on my skin. Usually that fabric is cold,
      and I just don't find it comfortable. I would prefer some kind of
      fleece lining.

      I have found the jacket to be warm enough down to almost 30 F (-1 C)
      if I'm wearing a baselayer and a midlayer (like a thin fleece) under
      it. The jacket does have a collar that stays standing up nicely to
      block the wind, but if it's actually windy out there's enough space
      between the collar and my hat that I need to wear a scarf or something
      around my neck at least until I get warmed up. On a regular day
      without wind, the collar provides enough protection against the cold
      air. The only other area where I have a problem with cold air is
      around the shoulder seams where the arms are attached to the torso of
      the jacket. If I'm only wearing a baselayer under the jacket I can
      feel a bit of cold air seeping in through that seam. Usually I only
      notice this when I first go outside or when I'm stopping to take a
      break. Anywhere below around 30 F (-1 C) and I start feeling cold. I
      would need a longer jacket that covers part of my legs and rear and a
      thicker coat. This is pretty much exactly what I expected out of the

      I've used the jacket quite a bit in pillow-mode. Converting it to a
      pillow at home was pretty simple when I laid the jacket out on the
      floor. Converting it for the first time in an airplane with only a
      teeny tiny personal space was more difficult. Initially, I just tried
      to stuff the jacket into the pouch, but that didn't work very well and
      I had a hard time securing the hook and loop closures and then ended
      up with a lumpy pillow. I did get it straightened out a bit so it was
      comfortable. In pillow-mode there's a button and three button holes so
      the jacket can be made into a neck pillow and worn around the neck.
      Without the button fastened the pillow stays more in a tube shape. I
      find the neck pillow a little odd; it feels a little claustrophobic to
      me since it basically has the same girth all the way around the pillow
      and near my face. I prefer to just use it as a pillow "tube" and lean
      it against the side of the plane (when I get the window seat). I'm
      also not crazy about using a pillow made out of that silky material
      (that the jacket is lined with). It makes the pillow slippery and

      I didn't find air travel particularly useful with this jacket. I
      intended to wear it throughout the airport but by the time I got my
      bags checked I was already much too hot to keep it on. In the winter
      it seems that public places (like airports) compensate for the cold
      weather outside by making the indoor temperature really, really warm.
      I couldn't keep it on. I shoved the jacket into the crisscrossing
      bungee cables of my backpack for airport security and walking through
      the terminal (you can't wear a jacket through security anyway). So
      while my boarding pass did fit nicely in that pocket, it only stayed
      there for about a minute until I took the jacket off. I think after
      the test period ends I will probably put my jacket in my checked
      luggage as soon as I get inside the terminal and use a regular travel
      pillow on my flights. Although, if I'm packing especially light, or if
      I'm not checking luggage, I would likely use the pillow feature of the

      I haven't needed to wash the jacket yet. Even hiking with 2 messy
      toddlers with what seems like constant runny noses, the jacket still
      looks good. I do plan to wash it during the long term test period to
      see how it holds up. All of the zippers continue to run smoothly and
      no other maintenance issues have come up.

      I think the plethora of pockets are a little unnecessary. I can't
      imagine how bulky it would be if they were all filled. I have filled a
      few pockets simultaneously and that made it feel a little weighed
      down. I wish all of the pockets were lined with the soft material like
      the pocket intended for sunglasses--especially the cell phone pocket.

      Summary (back to top)

      This is a comfortable jacket, cozy even. The fit in the shoulders is
      just right while the stomach area is a bit loose. Lots of pockets.
      Gimmicky pillow, but nice to have in a pinch.

      Please check back in about 2 months for the final installment of this report.

      Thank you to ExOfficio and BackpackGearTest.org for allowing me to
      test this item.
    • jetriple@rockwellcollins.com
      ... Hi Jennifer... Thanks for your Storm Logic Jacket Field Report. I think the added content makes for a much improved report. Only one comment and you re
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        backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com wrote on 02/03/2012 09:48:49 AM:

        > Hi Jet-
        > Here's my updated FR based on what we discussed. More to talk about
        > now. It's in the test folder as well.
        > http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/test/TESTS/JEN%20-%20Storm%
        > 20Logic%20FR%20update/
        > Field Report
        > February 3, 2012

        Hi Jennifer...

        Thanks for your Storm Logic Jacket Field Report. I think the added
        content makes for a much improved report.

        Only one comment and you're good to go. Let me know if you need me to
        delete the old one, although I believe that was already taken care of by

        Thanks again!

        James E. Triplett
        Ex Officio Storm Logic Jacket Monitor


        Casual wearings around town in Connecticut and California in 25 to 60 F
        (-4-16 C).
        [Comment] You may want to change "-4-16 C" to "-4 to16 C" to be
        consistent with the F notation, and avoid the confusion of thinking the 16
        is a negative number.


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