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FR- Selk'Bag - Ralph Ditton

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  • Ralph Ditton
    Hello Christopher, Here is my FR on the Selk Bag for your edits. Text version is below and copy in test folder is here: http://tinyurl.com/79jpxhb Best Ralph
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 1, 2012
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      Hello Christopher,
      Here is my FR on the Selk'Bag for your edits.
      Text version is below and copy in test folder is here:

      Field Report
      In this phase I was only able to try out the Selk'Bag on two occasions
      due to the pressure of work whereby I was working mainly 6 1/2 days a
      week for nearly two months. The next phase will be a lot better work
      wise so I'll be able to get out camping much more.

      On both occasions I went to the three sided hut on the Coastal Plain
      Trail north of Perth where it sits at an elevation of 80 metres (263
      ft). Temperatures during the evenings and nights ranged from 18 C to 24
      C (64 F to 75 F). As can be seen by the temperatures, it is our summer
      and this bag is advertised as a two season bag for autumn and winter, so
      how did it perform?

      As I went to bed around midnight on both occasions the temperature was
      on the slide with a cooling westerly wind I was able to get at least 4
      hours of comfortable sleep before waking up all sweaty. I then got out
      of the bag, dried myself off on the torso and legs then threw the bag on
      top of me whilst I lay on the mattress. By 4 am on both outings the
      temperature started to climb into the low 20's ( 68 + F).

      It was too hot to be inside the bag but by laying it on top of me it
      kept the chill off me from the easterly that was blowing. We get
      easterlies in the mornings and westerlies in the evenings.
      As far as clothing went I just wore jocks when sleeping.

      I did not have the hood cord pulled in tightly. I just had it on loose.
      There was no point in wearing it around camp for two reasons. One, the
      ground around the campsite is made up of crushed limestone which is very
      powdery and gets on everything making it dirty and secondly, the
      temperatures around 6 pm to 10 pm ranged from 27 C to 38 C (81 F to 100
      F). I would have been perspiring very quickly in the bag.

      Attached are photos showing the powdery nature of the ground (see feet
      of man and boy) and the hut we stayed in. The photos are from other
      trips that we have undertaken there.

      Dust on feet Prickly Bark Hut
      dust on

      Prickly Bark Hut
      I had my friend take some photos of me getting into the bag and then
      preparing to go to sleep. It was just on midnight.

      getting into bag going to sleep
      getting into
      going to sleep
      Fortunately I was only going away for one night on each occasion that I
      went camping. The reason for this statement is that when I loaded the
      bag into my 65 litre (3,966 cu in) backpack there was not a lot of room
      left for other gear. The bag does not compress down very well. It takes
      up a lot of space. I can see this as being a problem with consecutive
      overnights out in the field when additional food and clothing need to be

      Apart from that issue, I found that I was comfortable inside the bag for
      around 4 hours at a time from midnight to about 4 am due to the season
      of the year.

      What has not helped is that our region has experienced the hottest year
      in recorded history and in addition we are receiving less and less
      rainfall. All due to climate change as stated by our Bureau of
      Meteorology and the trend is for more of the same.
      There is no change from my initial "Likes and Dislikes" in my Initial
      This concludes my Field Report. Please check back in two months time for
      my amended Long Term Report.
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