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EDIT: IR - Big Agnes Fria - Erin M. Hedden

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  • asklarry99
    Hi Erin- Happy New Year! Here are your edits before BGT starts going full steam again next week. Edits are in standard EDIT/Edit/Comment format. I want to
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 31, 2011
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      Hi Erin-

      Happy New Year!
      Here are your edits before BGT starts going full steam again next week.

      Edits are in standard EDIT/Edit/Comment format. I want to particularly draw your attention to the fact that although Big Agnes provided a sleeping pad with the bag, this is not really part of the test (although feel free to write an OR on the pad if you are so inclined). I have put comments on this in the edits, so please adjust the report accordingly.

      Feel free to fix and upload when ready. This looks like a very nice bag, so have fun with the test.



      EDIT: Size: Regular/ up to 5'10" ( 177 cm)
      >>>Remove the space after the left paren

      EDIT: Stuff Sack Size: M-8"x17.5"
      >>>Remove the `M' (Unless it is supposed to be there-??)
      >>>Add metric measures

      EDIT: Comp. Size: 8"x7"
      >>>I assume you mean compressed size, but please spell out.
      >>>Add metric measures

      EDIT: Pad Size/Shape: Any 20" wide / any
      >>>Add metric measures

      EDIT: rectangular sleeping pad which came seperatly

      Comment: packaged in its own maroon stuff sack, but it arrived in the same box .
      >>>I think it is fine to mention the pad was included, or you could remove. Your call.

      EDIT: There is a half pad sleeve and it has adjustible

      Comment: This is a cool inclusion to the Fria by Big Agnes.
      >>>I assume that BA is including the pad for BGT testers (awfully nice of them!), but that it is not sold this way. Thus, I would remove this statement from the report.

      Edit: This choice of where I wanted my zipper situated makes it easy to mate together any other bags with the same size zipper on the opposite side to my own, if I so choose to do that.
      >>>Sounds awkward to me. Suggest adding `with' after `together' (…mate together with any other bags…). Also, I'd suggest removing `if I so choose to do that' from the sentence.
      >>>BTW, the BA websites indicates that the zippers can be used for mating together bags with zippers on the SAME side, but I'm not sure how this would work. If you get to test this (even in the living room) let me know how it went!

      Edit: The collar is a snug seal around my neck so that should do well to keep any drafts out from around that opening, also, there is a zipper tube that insulates the length of the zipper which will also make this a warm bag to sleep in.
      >>>Suggest breaking into two sentences. (…that opening. Also, there is a zipper…). Plus, you use `also' twice in the sentence, so I'd remove/rephrase one of them.

      Comment: The instructions on how to inflate, deflate, store and care for the insulation
      pad were also easy to comprehend and shouldn't be difficult to follow when the
      time comes for me to use this accessory to the sleeping bag.
      >>>As this is a report on the bag, I'd remove this as well. Feel free to write a separate OR on the pad if you want.

      Comment: I was especially impressed with the fact that they sent the insulation pad right along with the sleeping bag and I can't wait to see how that works out.
      >>>Same comment as above—the test is for the bag and not the pad, so I'd remove this.
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