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Re: [backpackgeartesters] EDIT:FR - GERBER CRUCIAL F.A.S.T. Multi-Tool - Mark Thompson

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  • Mark Thompson
    Thanks for the edits, Steve.   Report has been updated, uploaded and the necessary clean up completed.   Best, Mark ... From: ftroop94
    Message 1 of 2 , Dec 4, 2011
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      Thanks for the edits, Steve.
      Report has been updated, uploaded and the necessary clean up completed.

      --- On Sun, 12/4/11, ftroop94 <ftroop94@...> wrote:

      From: ftroop94 <ftroop94@...>
      Subject: [backpackgeartesters] EDIT:FR - GERBER CRUCIAL F.A.S.T. Multi-Tool - Mark Thompson
      To: backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com
      Date: Sunday, December 4, 2011, 2:46 PM



      Nice detailed report and great images of the knife. I really like the detail in all the shots. There is a little `white space' around a few of the pictures, but not so much that it makes the report unreadable. You might consider floating some text around the images in future reports.

      I have a few edits below in the usual EDIT/Edit/Comment form. Most are unit conversion related. be sure to delete the test file before uploading to the FR, and I look forward to seeing your final review in a few months!


      >>I have climbed 2 more "14ers" (peaks with summits over 14,000'/4,267 m)

      EDIT: 14000 ft/4267 m

      I've always been requested to use the abbreviations in the Unit Converter to make conversions from Imperial to Metric simple for all readers. Most of my edits for the report are repeats in this form.

      >>10,000' (3,048 m)

      EDIT: 10000 ft (3048 m)

      >> One feature that could improve this tool is a lanyard ring or attaching point. My previous tool had such a devise and I would clip it to my pack

      EDIT: In my opinion, one feature

      EDIT: device

      >> Elevation: 10,000 to 14,003' (3,048 to 4,268 m)

      EDIT: 10000 to 14003 (3048 to 4268 m)

      >> Weather: Clear with temperature ranging from 23 to 55 deg F (-5 to 13 deg C)
      Event: After another stressful week at work, I had to get out of town. I drove up to Winfield, Colorado (one of my favorite places to hike and camp). I have a few philosophies when it comes to being in the woods, one is that there is no excuse for bad tasting food. Since I was car camping, filet mignon was on the menu. I promptly set up my $3 special grill, and after a few minor adjustments with the Gerber, the charcoal was lit and dinner in the works. The F.A.S.T. was put into action and special care had to be taken to keep from cutting through my aluminum camp plate as the filet gave little resistance to the Gerber blade. The sky was clear, the moon full, the mercury was dropping and my eyelids drooping so off to slumber I went. The morning came and after some oatmeal and a few cups of coffee, off to scout "The Apostles" I went with my hiking partner (who arrived sometime after my lights had gone completely out). After a nice hike and scouting
      adventure, we arrived back at the trail head.

      After an uneventful evening and blissful slumber, I awoke focused on summiting Mt Huron. The previous day's scouting indicated that there was no snow on the route to the summit so I left the trekking poles, gaiters and micro-spikes in the car and headed up. Well, this wasn't so wise as the route was obscured during the scouting hike and I got into a fair amount of snow and lots of wind. After three and a half hours of hiking and slogging through the snow, I was on the summit. A couple pictures over the course of three minutes and I was headed down. The skies were clear but the wind made for a less than desirable lunch spot. I hiked down to 13,000' (3,962 m) and had a lunch of summer sausage, crackers, an apple and a candy bar. The temperature was still pretty low, certainly below freezing, but the Gerber opened nicely and made quick work of slicing through the summer sausage which was nearly frozen.

      Comment/Edit: Your field notes and events are quite detailed, but as the reader I tend to get lost in the hikes and vistas and lose concentration on the product at hand. They are certainly very detailed and informative concerning your outings, but I'd try to dial the first two EVENT reports in a little more around the Gerber. A brief description like the 3rd and 4th events are more concise.

      >>13,000' (3,962 m)

      EDIT: 13000 ft (3962 m)

      >>10,000 to 14,155' (3,048 to 4,314 m)

      EDIT: 10000 to 14155 ft (3048 to 4314 m)

      >>5,500 to 6,500' (1,676 to 1,981 m)

      EDIT: 550 to 6500 ft (1676 to 1981 m)
      >>6,200 to 6,500' (1,890 to 1,981 m)

      EDIT: 6200 to 6500 ft (1890 to 1981 m)

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