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LTR - Mountain Khakis Granite Creek-Shane Williams

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  • coloradosherpa14k
    Hey Kurt, Hope you re having a great weekend. This is my Long Term Report for the Granite Creek Convertibles. HTML
    Message 1 of 1 , Dec 3, 2011
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      Hey Kurt, Hope you're having a great weekend. This is my Long Term
      Report for the Granite Creek Convertibles.
      Text Version:Long Term Report: November 28th, 2011Field Conditions:
      During this series of testing I've continued to wear the Mountain
      Khakis Granite Creek Convertibles on overnight trips and day hiking
      ventures in and around the Rocky Mountains of Colorado. This entails 1
      overnight trip to the Sawatch Mountains and various day hikes around the
      Colorado Springs area. During my overnight trip to the Sawatch Mountains
      in central Colorado, I had a chance to test the Granite Creek
      Convertibles in wintery conditions as I ascended the 14ers Mount Belford
      and Mount Oxford. Above 13,000 ft (3962 m) temperatures dropped to 18 F
      (-7.77 C) and wind speeds increased to a sustained 30 MPH (48.28). This
      yielded a wind-chill between -5 F (-20.55 C) and 5(-14.99 C). Duration
      above 13,000 ft (3962 m) was 5 hours. During this hike I wore these
      exclusively in the long pant configuration.
      The remaining hikes around Colorado Springs and in the Pikes Peak
      National Forest around Woodland Park. These outings were all casual
      hikes ranging from 2 to 4 hours. Conditions were sunny with temperatures
      between 40 F (4.44 C) and 70 F (21.11 C). There wasn't a drop of
      moisture in the region.
      In addition I also continued to wear the Granite Creek Convertible pants
      around the house and around town. I've worn them primarily as pants,
      but have occasionally worn them in there zip-off short configuration.
      Field Report:
      Whether in there pant or short configuration, the Granite Creek
      Convertibles continue to prove themselves to be rugged, stylish, and
      comfortable. In my Field Report I mentioned that these pants were thin
      and would probably not be a good candidate for winter hiking. During my
      ascent of Mount Belford and Mount Oxford, I had an opportunity to really
      test that theory. For this hike I wore them exclusively in the long pant
      configuration and had a polypropelene base layer underneath. With the
      base layer in place these provided adequate warmth even in the colder
      conditions. That being said, I think it's important to note that
      this was a very dry climate. While I did encounter snow, I had gaiters
      that prevented moisture from saturating the pants. One thing that
      I've noticed about the Granite Creek Convertibles, is that when they
      become saturated, they feel very thin. If in wetter wintery conditions,
      or a more humid winter environment, they may perform differently. With
      the testing climate being dry and the inclusion of a base layer, they
      provided adequate protection from the elements.
      One of the things that I love about the granite creek convertibles is
      the fact that they are stylish enough to be worn around town and rugged
      enough to endure lengthy hikes in the back country. During this test
      series I haven't had the first instance of binding zippers, pulling
      seams, or any other issues related to product malfunction. They also
      sustained significant abrasion from scree, branches and boulders without
      showing premature wear.
      Field Image: Mount BelfordSummary:
      Mountain Khakis has delivered one of the most comfortable fitting pants
      that I've worn. Their multi use functionality, durability and style
      all culminate into an enjoyable experience. Should something go wrong,
      such as improper sizing, Customer Support provides a hassle free
      This concludes my Long Term Report. A special thanks to
      BackPackGearTest.org and Mountain Khakis for the opportunity to be a
      part of this test series.

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