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LTR - Mountain Khakis Convertible Pants - Ben Mansfield

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  • Ben Mansfield
     My LTR is posted in the test folder, here: http://tinyurl.com/c9j6kug and the text version is below.  Thanks in advance for the edits. -Ben ... Long Term
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2011
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       My LTR is posted in the test folder, here: http://tinyurl.com/c9j6kug

      and the text version is below.  Thanks in advance for the edits.



      Long Term Report
      29 November 2011

      Long Term Observations

      I've continued to wear the Mountain Khakis Granite Creek Converible
      Pants on my outings this fall, and I'm happy to report that I finally
      had some weather that allowed me to wear them as pants as opposed to
      shorts only. I added two more trips to the Allegheny National Forest
      for a grand total of 16 days of trail use.

      I'm still in love with these pants, probably even more so now that
      I've seen how multi-dimensional they can be, replacing a pair of pants
      and an extra pair of shorts for warmer days with a single piece of
      gear. They've proven to be plenty durable - no visible rips, tears,
      scuffs, snags, or other damage can be seen despite the use I've put
      them through. I certainly don't baby them, and I'm perfectly
      comfortable charging through areas of trail that are overgrown or
      thorny. I have noticed that the pant cuffs can get a little dirty,
      especially with a somewhat wet trail, but that's a non-issue for me,
      especially in the backcountry. They're not so long that they drag on
      the ground, just long enough to get a little muddy and wet. They do
      dry quickly once in camp - quickly enough that they were dry in time
      for me to climb in to my sleeping bag at night without worrying that
      I'd get the bag wet or dirty.

      The fit for me is still spot-on, and I'm impressed with how well they
      stay in place despite long days of hiking with my pack's hip belt
      doing its best to push them down. Zipping the pant legs off and back
      on is easy, though I do wish the colored zippers were a little easier
      to distinguish at night... perhaps tactically different zipper pulls
      or a more obvious color difference would make it a bit easier, but a
      bright moon or a headlamp easily mitigates this concern.

      As far as care is concerned, I've had no issue just putting them
      through regular machine wash and dry cycles with other laundry (though
      my wife prefers if I wash them separately, or at least with other
      hiking kit if they're really dirty). They've always come out as good
      as new, plenty clean and no shrinking or deformation.


      I love these Mountain Khakis Granite Creek Convertible Pants in a lot
      of ways. They're comfortable, they fit great, they are stain and
      abrasion resistant, they don't get wet easily and when they do, they
      dry quickly. On top of all of that, they are good looking - so much so
      that I wear them around town quite regularly. I think I may pick up
      another pair or two to put away in cold storage in case Mountain
      Khakis ever decides to stop making them.

      Key Features
      They're comfortable, they fit good - even with a backpack, and they look good
      Stains and abrasions are not welcome to hang out with these pants
      They shed water readily and dry faster than bottle of water spilled in
      the desert

      Areas for Improvement
      Would be nice if the pant leg zippers were a little easier to
      distinguish in dark

      I would like to thank Mountain Khakis and BackpackGearTest.org for the
      opportunity to test the Granite Creek Convertible Pants.
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