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LTR SmartWool Microweight Tank Jenn K

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  • jennbgt
    Kathy Here is my LTR for the SmartWool Microweight Tank. Thank you in advance for the edits. The HTML can be found here.
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      Here is my LTR for the SmartWool Microweight Tank. Thank you in advance for the edits.

      The HTML can be found here.


      Long Term Report

      November 1, 2011

      Testing Locations

      El Moro/Crystal Cove Backcountry, California: The tank was worn six times in this area over the past two months on hikes before or after my park patrols. The temperatures were in the upper 50's F (14 C) to 90 F (32 C). The elevation ranged to just slightly above sea level to about 400 ft (122 m). Some days it was sunny and other days there was a misty fog.

      Southern California: I also worn the tank while mountain biking (three times) and while walking/rollerblading on the beach path near my home (two times). The temperatures ranged from the upper 50's F (14 C) to the lower 80's F (27 C).

      Performance in the Field

      During the past two months the SmartWool Microweight Tank was worn on day hikes, walking on the beach path, and as a layer while biking. What is nice about the SmartWool Tank is there is no stink. Even after sweating profusely the tank did not smell like body odor. It had the slightest damp wool order; as it does when it is wet and hung up to dry. But, there is no foul odor. I even wore it for two days in a row unlaundered; just because I got home too late to do laundry.

      The tank washes up nicely. There is no fuzzing or pilling of the wool fabric, nor any pulled stitching. Also there are no heavily worn areas from my backpack straps and hip belt. However, there is still the hole on the front of the shirt. The hole has not grown in size from wearing or washing, but it is still there. And how it got there is still a mystery to me. Since the testing of the SmartWool Tank is completed I will mend the hole so it is not noticeable and to protect the shirt from additional damage.

      During the past two months the tank has been worn in temperatures reaching into the 90's F (34 C) and as low as the upper 50's F (14 C). The tank works nicely as a stand alone layer or as a base layer under a button/zip down shirt or a jacket. The tank is what I would describe as being light and airy. It dries quickly and pulls moisture away from my skin. When it gets damp from my sweat my skin does not feel clammy. The tank feels comfortable both while worn alone or worn layered under another top or jacket. The wool has a soft feeling and is not scratchy or irritating to my skin.

      I generally wear sports bras with this tank that have a racer back design. This is so the straps do not show where my upper back area/shoulders are exposed. The tank is cut with a racer back design, therefore regular bra straps definitely show. If I am wearing the tank as a base layer I will wear regular bra straps without an issue. I just do not care for my bra straps showing if I wear the tank alone, my self-confidence actually plummets. I like to wear beige sports bras under the tank, because my white bras show through the thin fabric.

      The tank has not stretched with washing. It is still form fitting and shows every imperfection I have because the fabric is so thin. Luckily I am not in bad physical shape and I have no insecurities when wearing it as a stand alone layer.


      Over the past four months I have enjoyed wearing the SmartWool Microweight Tank. It is comfortable, breathable, moisture wicking, and dries quickly. The color is on the bold side for me, but it is not a fashion show in the wilderness or while exercising. I plan on mending the hole on the front of the tank so it does not stretch out or start to unravel the surrounding threads. I like the Smartwool Tank and plan on wearing it until it basically wears out.

      Things That Rock:

      Not itchy
      Racer back styling-straps do not slide off
      Things That Are So-So:

      The back of my shoulders is exposed and my shoulders get irritated when wearing a pack
      It is sheer

      This concludes my reporting of the W's NTS Microweight Tank. Thank you SmartWool and BackpackGearTest.org for providing me with the opportunity to test the W's NTS Microweight Tank.
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