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Application: Ahnu Rockridge II Jen P.

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  • Jennifer Pope
    Please accept my application to test the Ahnu Rockridge II trail shoes. I have read the bylaws and agree to comply with all the rules outlined within. If
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 1, 2011
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      Please accept my application to test the Ahnu Rockridge II trail shoes. I
      have read the bylaws and agree to comply with all the rules outlined
      within. If selected, I would like to test these shoes in a size 8.5 and in
      the Olivine color.

      Jennifer Pope
      age: 30
      weight: 145 lbs
      height: 5'7"
      location: Connecticut
      Background: I'm a former backpacker, on hiatus until all my babies are
      potty trained and can walk on their own. I'm a 3-season car camper and
      frequent day hiker. Since I am hiking with two small children (and usually
      carrying one of them) our hikes are usually short in duration--3 miles and
      usually relatively flat.

      I will wear these shoes day hiking and for general, every day wear including
      ~2x weekly bike rides. We'll use this backpack on day hikes in Connecticut,
      short in duration (around 3 miles). We are also planning a car camping trip
      for the week after the 4th. And we have plans for 2 more long weekend
      camping trips later in the summer, one to upstate New York and one to either
      to New Hampshire or Vermont. We will also be spending 4 days on Cape Cod in
      mid-August, with plans to visit Cape Cod National Seashore.

      We're approaching the hottest part of the year right now. Temperatures are
      often in the high 80s/low 90s and very, very humid. We have frequent
      thunderstorms, though I try not to be outside during them for safety and
      comfort reasons. But the ground is certainly wet frequently. Lows are
      generally in the 60s or 70s. I usually hike in fairly rugged terrain. I
      will be hiking with the piggyback rider, so my 3 year old (37lbs) will be
      hoping on and off my back during all these day hikes. I have another pair
      of Ahnu's (not for hiking, casual shoes) that I love and I'd love to try
      these trail shoes.

      Previous reports: http://www.backpackgeartest.org/tester_reviews/jenjunum

      Tester status page: http://teststatus.backpackgeartest.org/T1364.htm
      Note: My tester status page isn't that stellar. I'm a full-time mom to two
      young daughters and I work from home as a government contractor in all my
      "spare" time. But I enjoy writing reports for Backpackgeartest.org and I've
      been trying to keep myself somewhat active in the community since having
      kids. I always get my reports in and uploaded, although they are often
      late. Hopefully, we are in the house we'll be in for the next several years
      and I no longer have a baby :( so things should be somewhat more stable.
      I've been around forever (5 years?) and I'm not going anywhere though.

      Current test load: Piggyback Rider--waiting for receipt

      Current applications: none, though I'm going to try and get one in for the
      Tri-layer Shorty socks call

      Current roles: monitor and mentor

      Thank you for your consideration!

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