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Application to test Ahnu Rockridege II - DLarsen

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  • vicioushillbilly
    Please accept my application to test the Ahnu Rockridge II women s trail shoe. My test agreement was mailed 2 July 2008. I agree to comply with all the report
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      Please accept my application to test the Ahnu Rockridge II women's trail shoe. My test agreement was mailed 2 July 2008. I agree to comply with all the report requirements including Chapter 5 found in the BackpackGearTest. org bylaws v. 0609, which I most recently read on 13 February 2009.

      Name: Dawn Larsen
      Age: 50
      Gender: female
      Height: 5' 4" (163 cm)
      Weight: 170 lb (75 kg)
      Email address: vicioushillbilly AT yahoo DOT com
      Florence, South Carolina USA
      Date: 1 July 2011

      Backpacking Background:
      I used to backpack in college a zillion years ago and just in the last few years have backpacked some private trails in Tennessee, Missouri and most recently South Carolina. I have been an avid car-camper for twelve years and I have kayak/canoe camped for five years, both in South Carolina, Tennessee, Missouri and Arkansas. I use a lot of the same equipment for both. I hike hilly/rocky trails especially in Missouri (my home state) and Arkansas. I live in South Carolina and am busy checking out the terrain here with my seventeen year-old son.

      Field Information

      Generally, my son and I camp, hike, and kayak in and around Florence, SC. I belong to a group of outdoorsy folks called the Sumter Hiking, Cycling and Adventure Club. We paddle, hike, and camp at the spur of the moment. So, if someone posts a trip on the website, we very often join them. Currently and through August 15, I'll be backpacking/hiking/kayaking in Arkansas and Missouri. Then, in late August, I am taking group of students to Burning Man in the Black Rock desert in Nevada.

      Test Plan:

      My strategy is to wear the shoes on all the above trips, especially to the Burning Man trip. Good shoes that protect my feet, but allow for ventilation are a huge necessity at Burning Man. I am sometimes hard to fit in boots and shoes. I have bunions (thanks for those genes, Mom) and if a shoe fits too tight in that spot, it is painful. I have short, wide feet with medium arches. I need to have more toe room in hiking shoes and boots. I developed plantar fasciitis a year ago and then got rid of it (no shot in the heel for me!!!) I'm always worried that a non-supporting shoe will bring it back. Really important: I have trouble finding shoes that keep my feet dry, especially since I live and hike in such a wet and hot climate. My feet tend to get very hot, even in the winter, and sweat. So could these Ahnus be the miracle shoe for hard to fit folks that need shoes that ventilate? I'll test for:

      Weight – How light are they? Are they light enough to be comfortable if I wear them to work? town? on trails? How much will they contribute to pack weight?

      Comfort and Fit – With my foot issues, will they be comfortable ALL day for several days? Do they rub? How do they fit around my heels? Are the ESS plates really shock-absorbing? Is the Numentum Traverse technology really supportive of my heels and arches? Will they be wide enough for my wide feet?

      Terrain – How comfortable are they on rocks, sand, pine needles, concrete, in rocky creeks? How well does the rubber sole track on different terrains?

      Wet/Dry – Will they keep my feet dry? Are they really breathable and moisture wicking? Can I wear them to kayak in a creek? How long does it take them to air dry? after normal summer day wear? after getting wet from rain or a creek? How well do they clean up?

      Durability – How long before the sole begins to wear, especially if I'm able to test them on my trip and wear them most every day? How well does the cloth upper wear? How long will the laces last?

      Tester Status Page: http://teststatus.backpackgeartest.org/T1845.htm

      Current tests:
      Big Sky Dreamsleeper Pillow – LTR due 26 July 2011
      Toughstakes – LTR 16 August 2011
      Costa Tag Sunglasses – Others are still doing IRs

      NO applications out.

      Previously Written Reports can be found at http://www.backpackgeartest.org/tester_reviews/vicioushillbilly

      Thank you for considering this application and thanks to Ahnu for providing Rockridge II women's trail shoes for testing – Dawn Larsen.
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