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Application to test the Kelly Kettle - Coy Starnes

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  • Coy Boy
    Application to test the Kelly Kettle Aluminum Small Trekker. Applicant: Coy Starnes Gender: Male Age: 49 Weight 235 lb. (107 kg) Height 6 ft. (1.83 m.) E-Mail:
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 28, 2011
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      Application to test the Kelly Kettle Aluminum Small Trekker.

      Applicant: Coy Starnes
      Gender: Male
      Age: 49
      Weight 235 lb. (107 kg)
      Height 6 ft. (1.83 m.)
      E-Mail: starnescr@... (starnescr at yahoo dot com)
      Location: Northeast Alabama (Grant)

      I have read the latest version (v. 0609) of the Survival Guide,especially chapters 4, 5, and 6 and I agree to abide by all rules and requirements set forth. My signed Tester Agreement is on file with BGT. I will meet the minimum nights required (5).

      Brief Bio: I am an avid outdoorsman and enjoy hiking, backpacking, hunting, canoeing, caving, and spending as much time outdoors as possible. I live in northeast Alabama where I do most of my backpacking and hiking. I hike solo and with friends and family. I go hiking throughout the year but sometimes wimp out of actually backpacking in midsummer when the heat and humidity make the trail

      My style is slow and steady. My shelter of choice is a hammock and I usually cook with an alcohol stove. I have made great strides in becoming a lightweight backpacker but I still choose gear with an eye towards comfort and durability. My pack weight is around 25 lb (11 kg) for most summer 2 and 3 day trips. However, in the winter my pack weight climbs considerably, not only in weight but in bulk as well.

      Hello Nancy, I would be happy to help BGT test the Kelly Kettle. As can be seen in my bio, I generally use an alcohol stove because I don't like paying for gas canisters. I have considered getting one of these for several years but they are not exactly light weight and a little bulky. Of course I see one advantage for longer trips is fuel weight savings but I generally don't go camping for more than a couple of nights at a time. However, I would still use this on a few backpacking trips and more on my paddles when weight and bulk is not as big a concern. My testing wold revolve around how easy the Kelly Kettle is to use. Especially, my ability to get a fire started in wet conditions, and what fuel I end up using. I noticed that the Kelly Kettle can also be used with an alcohol stove. I have several to try with it including a very small V-8 stove as well as the standard Pepsi size. I'm not exactly sure how I'll use the stove to cook food since it is just for boiling water, but I'd like to receive the cook pot support which is supposed to fit all sizes of Kettles. If not, I will order one if selected. I will also experiment with using a thermos to cook with using the water I have boiled. Again, more so on paddling trips but I can manage the extra weight on short overnighters. I also realize this Kettle is more for solo or maybe 2 hikers, but more water can be boiled if needed. Might just take awhile.

      Proposed Test Locations and Conditions
      I usually hike in the southeast (Al, Tenn, Ga and NC). These trails are usually
      never flat and seldom dry and are often slick when wet. Rocks and roots are
      everywhere. I hiked a lot in all seasons. I paddle and bike in Alabama mostly but also
      in Georgia and Mississippi occasionally.

      Test Load:

      1: Red Ledge Phantom softshell jacket. FR due Aug 16. 2011

      2: Maxxeon WorkStar: FR due Aug 16, 2011

      3: Timex GPS Watch: FR due Aug 9, 2011 (earlier than other 2 but last item I received)

      I have no other applications submitted at the moment.

      All my reviews may be found here.


      I have also submitted six owner reviews:
      Two for my Hennessy Original hammock
      Petzl Tikka Head Lamp
      Raovac Sportsman 3 in 1 headlamp
      REI Down Time 0 Degree sleeping bag
      Sony P72 camera

      My tester status page is here


      My labor of love is...I am monitoring 1 test at the moment. (limit of 5).

      Thanks for the considering me for this test.

      Coy Boy
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