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  • Kathy Waters
    The folder has been corrected - please upload. Kathy ... From: Edward To: backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com Sent: Saturday, May 28, 2011 9:21 AM Subject:
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      The folder has been corrected - please upload.


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      From: Edward
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      Sent: Saturday, May 28, 2011 9:21 AM
      Subject: [backpackgeartesters] Re: IR: ECCO - Xpedition Lite Shoes - Kurt Papke

      Hi Kurt,

      Having got the name out of the way, the folder still reads Xpedition Lite; I assume it should read Xpedition Lite Tahoe, or just Tahoe.

      Anyway, your edit is here; please hold off on upload until Kathy has fixed the DB etc.

      EDIT: shoe tongue has an interesting stiction to it that holds the laces in place

      I see there is a portmanteau word "stiction"; not clear if that is what you meant. In either case, I feel an alternate word is appropriate, as this doesn't communicate to me exactly what the design feature is and does.

      EDIT: report from the field on the Tahoe's.

      Tahoes (simple plural).

      Good IR, thanks,


      > ECCO Tahoe Shoes
      > Test Series by Kurt Papke
      > Initial Report - May 16, 2011
      > Tester Information
      > Name: Kurt Papke
      > Age: 57
      > Gender: Male
      > Height: 6' 4" (193 cm)
      > Weight: 230 lbs (104 kg)
      > Email address: kwpapke (at) gmail (dot) com
      > City, State, Country: Tucson, Arizona USA
      > My backpacking background is a combination of the Minnesota area,
      > where I have lived most of my adult life, and Southern Arizona where I
      > moved about two years ago to Tucson for a new job. The trails I hike
      > are rocky -- I need shoes that protect my feet and provide good
      > traction on sand, gravel and stones.
      > Initial Report
      > Product Facts
      > Product Information
      > Manufacturer
      > ECCO
      > Ecco shoes
      > Photo courtesy ECCO USA
      > Manufacturer website
      > http://www.eccousa.com
      > Year manufactured
      > 2011
      > Model
      > Tahoe (formerly Xpedition Lite)
      > Color tested
      > Moon Rock - Ice White
      > (Expresso - Coffee also available)
      > Size tested
      > EUR 46
      > Availability of other sizes depends on color and availability. At the
      > time of writing, sizes EUR 41, 42 and 45 were also available.
      > MSRP
      > $150 USD
      > Weight (measured)
      > 1 lb 3.9 oz (560 g) Right
      > 1 lb 4.4 oz (580 g) Left
      > Total: 2 lb 8.3 oz
      > (1140 g)
      > Material - upper
      > Yak leather and "textiles"
      > Material - soles
      > ECCO performance rubber
      > The Tahoe shoes are a member of ECCO's Performance line of products.
      > They are unlined and hence not waterproof, a feature I neither need
      > nor want for hiking in the Sonoran desert.
      > Initial Inspection
      > Tops & bottomsOn removal from the packing box I inspected the shoes
      > for any obvious defects or workmanship problems. I could find nothing
      > - they were absolutely immaculate. As soon as I picked the shoes up I
      > noticed a real heft to them - this is footwear of substance.
      > I like shoes to have good flexibility at the ball of the foot, but
      > with rigidity over the soles. These shoes did not disappoint: I can
      > flex them at the right spot, yet in the insteps they are extremely
      > rigid.
      > As can be seen by the photos these are visually striking shoes. They
      > look stunning. The Yak leather on the uppers has an almost buttery
      > feel to it.
      > Visible in the photo at left is the aggressive lugging on the bottoms
      > of the soles. Looks like it should have good traction on my trails.
      > Also visible on the tops of the shoes is the substantial toe plate; it
      > is very rigid and should give good protection when I stub my toes on a
      > rock.
      > In the photo above the rigid heel plate can be seen at the back of the
      > shoe. This has some flex to it, but should hold my heels firmly in
      > place.
      > The laces are looped through webbing straps, a middle leather loop,
      > and finally a through-hole at the top. These look like they should
      > transfer the lace tension nicely to the various structural elements.
      > Ventilation looks like it will be primarily provided by the horizontal
      > strip of grid textile between the two pieces of leather as shown in
      > the top picture. When I feel that strip on the inside of the shoe
      > there is no padding along that strip, so I expect moisture will
      > readily escape.
      > First Impressions
      > Size: according to the ECCO sizing chart the EUR 46 shoe is equivalent
      > to a US 12-12.5. My foot is more in the size 12.5 category, so I'll
      > have to be careful to not wear thick socks. When I put them on and
      > laced them up they felt snug, but enough space in the toes that I
      > should not have problems. My little toes hit the sides of the shoe
      > just past where the toe plate ends, so there should be good "give" to
      > allow my toes to roam a bit.
      > Lacing: the leather "plates" on the shoe tongue has an interesting
      > stiction to it that holds the laces in place while tightening. It
      > does require that the lower laces be tightened, then the upper laces.
      > Trying them out: after lacing them up I walked around the house on our
      > concrete floors. These shoes feel very substantial: they are a
      > low-hiker boot, not what I would use for trail running. Lateral
      > stability seems excellent - my feet do not want to rock from side to
      > side with these shoes on. This should prevent some turned ankles.
      > There is some nice "give" in the heels -- when I stomp down on the
      > concrete with the heels I can feel the shoes absorb a lot of the
      > impact.
      > Summary
      > I am excited to get these shoes out onto the trail. I am particularly
      > interested to see how well they cope with the sharp rocks I often have
      > to hike on.
      > Kudos:
      > * Excellent out-of-the-box quality.
      > * Very attractive. I won't be ashamed to wear these shoes for
      > casual use in-town.
      > * Very substantial soles and stiff foot plate, yet flexible at the
      > balls of the foot.
      > * Great foot protection at toes, heels and soles.
      > Concerns:
      > * Not lightweight. It'll be interesting to see if I experience
      > any fatigue from hoofing it up the local mountains with this much
      > weight on my feet.
      > Please check back in about two months when I'll file my long-term
      > report from the field on the Tahoe's.
      > Many thanks to ECCO and BackpackGearTest.org for the opportunity to
      > test this product.

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