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FR-High Peak Trango 65-Don Taylor Repost

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  • Don Taylor
    I have been in an allergy induced haze the past few days and I posted my FR as an LTR. Sorry for the confusion.-Don http://tinyurl.com/43f9lz8 FIELD LOCATIONS
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      I have been in an allergy induced haze the past few days and I posted my FR as an LTR. Sorry for the confusion.-Don



      This spring has been a total rain-out here in Ohio and Western
      Pennsylvania so I have not had the chance to hike as often as I would
      normally would. I was only able to get out for two long weekend trips
      with the pack. The first trip was to Zaleski State Forest in Southern
      Ohio. The trail conditions were terrible as it rained nearly the entire
      time we were in the woods. The second trip was taken to an equally
      muddy area along the Tracy Ridge trail in the Allegheny National Forest.
      Between the two trips I was able to hike about 40 long, muddy and wet
      miles (64 km). In both cases my pre-rain soaked pack weight was around
      30 lbs (14 kg).


      The biggest tests the pack was put through during my two recent trips
      were staying secure on my back as I was slipping and sliding down the
      trail and keeping the contents somewhat dry during the endless rain. In
      both cases the pack did better than I expected. The adjustments on the
      pack allowed me to fit it very securely and comfortably on my back. In
      addition, even though I had forgotten a rain cover for the pack on one
      of the trips, the pack did a fairly good job of keeping the contents

      Once the pack was fully loaded and on my back, it was a quick process to
      get it secured in place. The adjustments were easy to operate and the
      pack was very comfortable to hike with. As for durability, the pack was
      put through some muddy and rough conditions such as a few scrapes and
      falls and it has held up great so far. I have not noticed any rips and
      all of the seams still seem secure. The pack was easily cleaned with a
      little soap and a wet rag when I got home from the trips.

      All of the zippers and drawstrings worked great. The zippers are large
      enough to grab easily with cold, wet hands and the drawstring on the
      bottom of the main compartment proved to be very handy for accessing
      items that I would have otherwise had to dig down from the top to
      retrieve. I have had packs in the past where the zippers always seemed
      to get hung up in the zipper flap material however I did not have that
      problem with this pack so far.

      Straps">>The side pockets where I normally store my water bottles could
      have been a little more secure. A few times when I set the pack down or
      stumbled on the trail one of the bottles would fall out.

      The interior pocket that holds my 3 L (101 oz) hydration bladder worked
      out very well. The bladder stayed in place and the slot for the bite
      tube to pass through did not cause any issues.

      Both the shoulder straps and waist belt proved to be comfortable. I
      initially had concerns that the narrowness of the waist belt straps
      would cause some irritation however that was not the case. One issue
      that I will fix after the completion of the test is the length of the
      waist belt straps. I have a 35 inch (89 cm) waist and when I cinch the
      waist belt down, the straps hang down below my knees. One addition I
      would really appreciate is a small pocket on the waist belt of the pack.
      I have had them in the past and I really noticed not having one. The
      shoulder straps stayed in position and other than the normal shoulder
      soreness that I feel in the mornings, the straps felt good.

      My biggest complaint to this point is about the chest strap. It is fine
      while I am wearing it however the male end of the clip fell off a few
      times when the pack was off. It is easy enough to put back on but it
      could get lost in the woods very easily.


      Overall I am very happy with the pack so far. It is very sturdy for how
      light it is and I don't feel like any comfort was sacrificed with the
      lower weight. It held my 30 lbs (14 kg) of gear very well and the
      compression straps worked great to keep the contents from bouncing
      around. The chest strap clip falling off may prove to be a problem if
      it comes off in the wrong spot and is lost. All in all I am looking
      forward to wearing this pack for my upcoming summer trips.

      This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      Copyright 2011. All rights reserved.
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