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Application: Teko hiking socks - Jennifer Pope

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  • Jennifer
    Please accept my application to test the Teko regular or light hiking socks. I have read version 1202 of the Survival Guide and agree to abide by all the
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2005
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      Please accept my application to test the Teko regular or light hiking
      socks. I have read version 1202 of the Survival Guide and agree to
      abide by all the rules. My tester agreement is on file with Stephanie.
      If pressed, I guess I'd prefer the light hiking socks in sky with
      moon mist, then golden green, then black. I could really go for
      either sock and any of the colors. I will need a size medium.
      Thanks for considering my application, Jennifer Pope

      Biographical Information
      Name: Jennifer Pope
      Age: 24
      Gender: Female
      Height: 5 ft 7 in (1.7 m)
      Weight: 140 lb (64 kg)
      Shoe size: 8 (medium)
      Email address: Jennifer dot Pope at gmail dot com
      Location: Los Angeles, CA

      Backpacking Background
      Newbie. I've been a car-camper as long as I can remember and started
      backpacking in Northern California when I was 16. I'm just getting
      back into backpacking after a hiatus during college. I backpack in
      Sierras as well as other National Forests closer to Los Angeles. I
      also spend time in the California deserts and the mountains and coast
      of Northern California. I'm a tent camper leaning towards lightweight;
      but I am a fan of gadgets and I like being comfortable. I also do a
      mix of short and long day hikes in and around Los Angeles.

      Field Information
      During the late summer and fall I will be taking trips into the San
      Bernardino and Angeles National Forests (other areas in Southern CA
      aren't off limits either). These generally aren't planned far in
      advance, but I'll likely be out a weekend each month. Temperatures on
      all these trips should be fairly mild ranging from the 30s to 90 F (0
      – 30 C). Weather should be fairly mild as well with an always looming
      possibility of rain (which in turn leads to mud). Elevations range
      from 4,000 to over 10,000 feet (1,200 – 3,000 m). Day hiking in and
      around Los Angeles is always a given pretty much every weekend. The
      terrain of the trails near Los Angeles is mainly rocky, chaparral
      covered hills. The deserts in South-Eastern California are also a
      frequent destination for the fall and winter months (as long as the
      rain isn't as bad as last year). I also have a goal of taking one snow
      trip this year, but that depends on me learning more about that and
      getting up the guts to do it (I'm kind of a wimp in the cold). I will
      be in Northern California (the real Northern California, like almost
      to Mt. Shasta) for about a week in late December. While there I will
      probably be heading out on several day hikes depending on what the
      weather is like. Regardless of that, I will be experiencing some
      colder weather.

      These socks would accompany me on all my backpacking, camping, and
      hiking adventures over the next four months. As mentioned above, I
      like to get away camping or backpacking about a weekend per month with
      2 nights per weekend. This would give me four nights out in the Field
      Test period and four additional nights out in the Long Term Test period.

      Obviously these socks also lend themselves to day hiking use as well
      as more urban use. I try to get out for a day hike as much as
      possible, usually every weekend when I'm not out camping or
      backpacking. I generally don't travel all that many miles in a day; I
      like to enjoy the scenery, take lots of breaks, and thems the breaks
      when you're married to a budding photographer.

      Sock Experience

      I've hiked in many different types of socks. My favorite were a pair
      of lightweight hiking socks from REI, but one of them recently went
      missing so I've had to retire them. I recently purchased a pair of
      Smartwool hiking socks. I like them so far, but they haven't gotten a
      lot of use yet. I've also used regular wool heavy duty hiking socks
      with I believe came from Target. I usually wear these socks with a
      liner because I don't really like the feel of wool against my feel,
      especially wet wool after sweat or water enter into the picture.

      For Initial Report

      -Weight of socks.
      -General description of the fit and feel of the socks with and without
      a liner. Is the material soft, stretchy, itchy, etc? Is there extra
      room in the toe? Is the material thick or thin?
      -What are the washing and care instructions? (these are on the
      website, but I'll restate them)
      -Are there any loose threads? Do they appear to be well-constructed?
      -How well do the socks fit in all my shoes? (Trail runners, hiking
      boots, etc)

      For Field and Long Term Reports

      -How have the socks held up over time?
      -How well do they hold up to washing? Does the material pile? Do any
      seams become loose? Does the color fade?
      -Do the socks get stinky after I get sweaty?
      -Do the socks wick sweat and dry quickly?
      -Can I wear the socks more than one day without them getting grubby or
      too smelly?
      -Do the socks dry quickly if they get wet in the stream crossings?
      -Do the socks pack well into my backpack? Sometimes socks are big and
      bulky, especially wool socks, are these? Can I shove them in without
      worrying about them?
      -How do the socks work while I'm doing physical activity? Do the
      socks stay pulled up on my calves?
      -Are the socks resistant to getting torn or snagged if I'm hiking in
      cropped pant (which I hope happens) or shorts?
      -Is the waist of the pant comfortable under my hip belt?

      Current Tests
      I am currently involved in five tests. The Adventure Medical first aid
      kit test has just begun; the items haven't even shipped yet. Two
      other tests are barely under way
      (KINeSYS sunscreen and Spenco Day Hiker insoles) and will have
      significant overlap with this test if I'm selected. The other two
      tests (NGS TOPO! Expansion pack and Keen sandals) are in the long-
      term testing phase and will end in November. I feel that I have
      enough time to devote to this test as well as several more. I have
      managed several tests at the same time already and always managed to
      turn in my reports on time (usually early); even when deadlines were
      falling right on top of each other. I do take deadlines seriously.
      And in all honesty many of the items I'm testing are "little" items
      and aren't as complicated as more complex items out there.

      The ProBar test has recently been re-opened as well. As soon as I
      receive those items I will have a two-month test for those.

      Outstanding Applications
      I will be applying to more of the open test calls, but I have
      currently applied for the LEDHedz head lamp, the Ground Repel Shell,
      Ground Terra Jacket, the Moving Comfort micro panty, the Moving
      Comfort Fiona sports bra, and the Moving Comfort crop kick back pant.
      I think I could honestly handle all of the above tests if I were
      lucky enough to be selected.

      Monitor Duties
      I think I'm almost to the top of the list

      I'm also apart of the mentor program.

      Completed Tests

      I have completed two test series so far and four Owner Reviews (one
      more just submitted). My two completed test series are:

      Heat Treat Warmers http://tinyurl.com/c7o27
      ProBar Energy Bars (recently re-opened) http://tinyurl.com/asalv

      All my reviews can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/8lcfc

      Thanks for the opportunity to apply for this test.
      Jennifer Pope
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