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APPLICATION to Test: Moving Comfort Daylite Bra - Jennifer Williams

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  • Jennifer
    Please accept my application to test the Moving Comfort Daylite Bra. I have read and understood the Survival guide v.1202 (in particular, chapter 5) and agree
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 31, 2005
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      Please accept my application to test the Moving Comfort Daylite Bra. I have read and
      understood the Survival guide v.1202 (in particular, chapter 5) and agree to follow all
      guidelines within. My signed tester agreement is on file.

      Name: Jennifer Williams
      Age: 27
      Gender: Female
      Height: 5 ft 3 in (1.6 m)
      Weight: 120 lbs (56 kg)
      Bra size: 34A
      Email: jensmail78 (at) yahoo.com
      Sunnyvale, CA, USA
      Date: August 31, 2005

      If chosen to test this item I need a size small and prefer the "petal lite" color.

      Backpacking Background:

      I grew up horseback riding, camping, and hiking, but I just started backpacking about two
      years ago. All of my trips have been one or two night stays. My trips normally range from
      coastal trails in the redwoods to mountainous terrain in the Sierra Nevadas. I tend to hike
      where I encounter rain and dampness. This year I am looking forward to making some
      longer trips in northern California and gaining more experience. I am not a lightweight
      backpacker yet, but would like to reduce my current pack weight significantly.


      Central and Northern California Coasts:
      I will take at least two backpacking trips of two or three days in duration as well as many
      day hikes in multiple state parks and national forests ranging in elevations from 0 to 6000
      feet (1800 meters). The temperatures will be between 40 and 70 F (4 to 21 C). I may also
      go on a couple coastal kayaking day trips.

      Sierra Nevadas:
      I will go on a short, one or two night backpacking trip in Tahoe National Forest at
      elevations between 7000 to 9000 feet (2100 to 2700 meters). Temperatures are typically
      between 30 and 60 F (-1 to 16 C).

      I might also wear the bra during jogging, biking, and generally working out if it is
      supportive enough.


      My test of the Moving Comfort Daylite Bra would involve a thorough evaluation of moisture
      wicking ability and comfortable functionality. I will typically wear the bra under synthetic
      fabric hiking tank tops, shirts, and fleeces. Since it is a low impact bra, I will mostly use it
      for hiking and backpacking, but not necessarily for trail running or snowboarding unless it
      proves to be more supportive than expected. I will evaluate if it dries fast, and wicks
      moisture during and after activities. Does it dry fast enough to prevent any chafing? Does
      it feel excessively wet if I am sweating or does it move the moisture away from my body
      quickly? Does it still dry fast even if my shirt or jacket is not as breathable as the bra? Does
      the whole bra wick moisture equally or are the cups less breathable than the back and side

      I will also pay close attention to the fit of the Daylite Bra. Does it feel supportive during
      low impact (and some higher impact) activities? Is it binding? Does it chafe or shift
      anywhere? Do the hooks and straps stay in place? Are the straps and hooks in the back
      comfortable and adjustable? Is the bra durable (I have definitely had bra buckles and
      hooks break before)? Does the bra flex easily with my body without sacrificing coverage or
      supportiveness? Moving Comfort claims that the bra has molded cups for slight shaping.
      Does this molding look natural or is it an odd shape (smooshed boobs or pointy boobs)?
      Some sports bras use thick, wide straps in the back that are actually restrictive and
      irritating during vigorous arm movement. Do the angled straps avoid this and fit
      comfortably over my shoulder blades while staying secure at the same time? Since I am a
      small chested woman, does the bra still provide support without unnecessarily flattening
      and does it leave too much room, causing gaping? Is the bra visible under many workout
      tank tops or are the straps angled in far enough to be hidden most of the time?

      Thank you for considering my application.

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