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Test Application: All Terrain Hygiene Products - André

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  • André Corterier
    Application to test the All Terrain Hygiene Products August 31, 2005 I have read and understood the Survival guide v.1202 (in particular, chapter 5) and agree
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      Application to test the All Terrain Hygiene Products
      August 31, 2005

      I have read and understood the Survival guide v.1202 (in particular,
      chapter 5) and agree to follow all guidelines within. My signed
      tester agreement is on file.

      Biographical Information

      Name: André Corterier
      Age: 33
      Gender: m
      Height: 1.85 m (6'1")
      Weight: 80 kg (175 lb)
      Email address: andreDOTcorterierATfreenetDOTde
      Location: Bonn, Germany

      Backpacking Background

      I began backpacking in my late teens using Europe's "InterRail"-
      System – weight hardly mattered, as we were on trains a lot. I
      recently rediscovered backpacking and have started out slowly –
      single-day 15 mile (24 km) jaunts by myself or even shorter hikes in
      the company of my little daughter. I am getting started on longer
      hikes, as a lightweight packer and hammock-camper. I've begun
      upgrading my old gear and am now shooting for a dry FSO weight
      (everything carried From the Skin Out except food, fuel and water) of
      about 10 kg (22 lb) for three-season camping. Not quite there yet.

      Why and how I want to test this (Test Plan)

      Well, hygiene products aren't talked about that much, but they do
      seem to matter. For one, I've noticed that „roughing it" on my mini-
      adventures can give me bad skin for the entire week thereafter, all
      from not cleaning and moisturizing it in the field. While it makes me
      feel like a big sissy, I've started to take better care of my skin in
      the field (I like to be presentable when not on the trail). In fact,
      I don't mind being presentable on trail, either, though that is
      definitely *not* a major preoccupation for me under the circumstances.

      So one thought that recently occurred to me is that I should find
      some way to reduce the weight and bulk of what I carry in this
      regard. (Having only just started carrying this kind of stuff at all,
      I just took with me what I used at home – the resulting weight and
      volume is ridiculous.)

      I had, for example, thought I might find some bio-degradable
      disinfectant wipes that one might use both for wound disinfection
      (scrapes, etc.) and as tp …

      Along comes this test and I'm thinking – why not just try out this
      stuff and see how it performs?

      Per Item:

      Hand Sanz:
      - "no wash required" sounds nice – if all I want to do is kill
      germs. Of course, that's important enough. I guess I will still need
      water if I mean to get dirt off my hands. So, will it really leave no
      residue when I don't wash it off? What if I use it with hands that
      are somewhat dirty (it's been known to happen in the field)? Can I
      use it as soap with water to get dirt off?
      - How's the balance between moisturizing and – well, not doing
      so. Will it really make my hands feel less abused than they do after
      a disinfectant? Will they, on the other hand, not soften my skin so
      much that I feel more vulnerable out there?
      - Smell: I know that different people like different smells,
      but I definitely dislike strong smells when in the wild (well, as
      wild as it gets around here). Will this stuff make me smell like a
      perfume shop, or will it be neutral?

      Wonder Wash:
      - This stuff does appear to need rinsing. But how much of it do
      I need to wash myself, and how much water do I need to get it back
      off? To get it out of my hair? How will it deal with cold water?
      - Again, smell is an issue. My wife says she likes how I smell
      when I'm clean (not when I'm not), so being clean without smelling of
      baby soap or some perfumist's idea of what "real men" should smell
      like is what I prefer. I don't know what animals prefer, but I prefer
      not to give them an additional tip-off regarding my presence.
      - Does it dry out my skin? Will it leave a film on it? Does it
      irritate areas where I've scraped myself, suffered sunburn, mosquito
      bites or stinging nettles?

      Recovery Rub:
      - I don't suffer from arthritis, nor are my legs particularly
      sore after hiking. After long days, however, especially with a lot of
      uphill hiking, I do have sore calves and even apart from that have
      often, when about to fall asleep in my hammock, felt that a nice foot
      rub would just hit the spot. So maybe I'll just provide that for
      myself in the future? I'd like to find out (and report) just how much
      of a picker-upper this can represent.
      - I do, sometimes, suffer from knee pain. It's generally not
      much, but having it recur is quite bothersome. So, should the
      occasion arise, I will also test the Rub's advertised recovery
      ability regarding sore joints. (Please accept my apologies for not
      offering to hike until my knees are in pain to test this product.
      Maybe a tester with chronic problems can be included in the test

      Testing Location and Probable Conditions

      In this region, the probable test period (September/October to
      winter) will
      typically see temps between -5, maybe -10 C (25, maybe 14 F) and 25
      C (77 F). For precipitation we'll have fog and drizzle as well as
      rain in fall, some snow in winter. Fall tends to be windy.

      I plan lots of day trips, likely a few overnighters, but have nothing
      concrete planned yet (no big hikes planned yet during the test
      period). I hike in hilly, forrested terrain which starts a 15 minute
      walk from where I live and extends for about 30 km (20 mi) in most
      directions. This includes hikes in the Kottenforst State Park, the
      Siebengebirge Nature Preserve (Seven Mountains – bit of a misnomer
      there, they top out at 461 m / 1512 ft), the River Rhine and the Ahr
      Valley. Elevations range from 60 m / 200 ft to the above-mentioned
      461 m / 1512 ft, paths tend to be well-maintained though I do not
      always stick to them. That said, while the total elevations aren't
      anything to write home about, the elevation changes one can encounter
      can (and sometimes do) add up. So my hikes are closer to a walk in
      the woods than to a walk in the park…

      There are many paths I haven't seen yet, but I am catching up. I
      dayhike often(though often not even the full day), which could also
      be described as an extended walk with my daughter (as long as we're
      gone for at least half the day and I carry hammock and cook gear –
      and occasionally her – we consider it a hike).

      My overnighters tend to be „mini-adventure" solo trips. Often, it's a
      distance I could cover in one long day, which I prefer to cut into
      two half days by starting Friday afternoon. Lets me get some solo
      backpacking done without impacting my family time too much.

      I can (and do) promise to use this stuff a lot in the four month FR

      My past Owner Reviews:
      - Jack Wolfskin "World's End" tent at http://tinyurl.com/2w8vu
      - Jack Wolfskin "Iceland Men" Jacket at http://tinyurl.com/yt4lg
      - Jack Wolfskin "Texapore Mesh Hat" at http://snipurl.com/92wr
      - Salewa Protection Windstopper Gloves at http://tinyurl.com/6k9pz
      - Victorinox Outrider at http://tinyurl.com/6fspv)
      - MacPac Kauri Backpack at http://tinyurl.com/bymsq

      Completed Tests:
      Ursa Designs Clikstand Stove Set, at http://snipurl.com/92wt
      C.Crane PakLite LED flashlight, at http://tinyurl.com/3rlo3
      GoLite Wizard Jacket, at http://tinyurl.com/6783m
      Dahlgren Light Hiking Socks, at http://tinyurl.com/63joq

      Current Tests:
      AGG cozy cover (LTR posted), at http://tinyurl.com/6sqp2
      Ibex Roaster boxers (FR uploaded), at http://tinyurl.com/3vk8p
      Ibex Wool Glove Liners (FR uploaded), at http://tinyurl.com/3wwd7
      SmartWool microweight Tee (FR uploaded), at http://tinyurl.com/8d8yq

      The Ibex tests end in September, so I will be down to one test when
      this one starts. (Though I will be applying to other tests as well.)

      I am currently active as a Mentor and a Monitor (monitoring the Black
      Diamond Terra CF Hiking Poles test).
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