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FR - Darn Tough Vermont Poppy Gall Socks - Chari Daignault

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    Thanks in advance for the edits! HTML version: http://tinyurl.com/2bbg8fw -- Chari FIELD REPORT FIELD LOCATIONS AND CONDITIONS During the
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      Thanks in advance for the edits!
      HTML version: http://tinyurl.com/2bbg8fw

      -- Chari

      <a name="FRPT">FIELD REPORT</a>


      During the Field Testing period, the socks have been worn in the Central Florida area, mainly southeast of Orlando. The terrain covered has been sidewalks, asphalt, high grass, brush, gravel, sand and hard-packed sand/dirt. Temperatures during the testing period in this area have ranged from highs around 81F [27C] and lows around 70F [21C] to highs around 42F [5.5C] with lows near 25F [-3.8C]. The Orlando area just finished having the coldest December on record.

      The socks were also worn on a six-day camping trip to Jekyll Island in south Georgia during the month of November. The terrain there consisted mainly of loose sand, gravel, brush, grass and the ocean. Temperatures during this trip ranged from highs in the 60sF [15.5C] to lows in the 30sF [-1C] with a nice, stiff breeze off the water. They were cooler than normal temperatures, but we really enjoyed not sweating during a camping trip for once and it made our campfires that much more inviting.


      The DTV Poppy Gall socks were worn during approximately 28 3 to 4 mi [4.8 km - 6.4 k] runs on both asphalt and trail. My road shoes are the Adidas Supernova Glide 2. Even with the added cushioning from the Poppy Gall socks, it was still comfortable and my feet didn't feel as though they were being smothered. My trail running shoes are the Adidas AdiZero XT 2 trail running shoes. These trail shoes are very light and could do with a bit more cushioning, so the Poppy Gall socks were a welcome addition to my gear. The AdiZero XTs also have a mesh top, which ends up letting in a lot of fine debris and loose sand, but the Poppy Gall socks managed to keep it all away from my skin.

      With some mornings hitting 25F [-3.8C], the warmth of the Poppy Gall socks really helped out a lot during my runs. There were some mornings where I couldn't feel my fingers or my nose, but my feet were nice and warm and all toes were accounted for. The socks also kept my feet at an even temperature during warmer runs and did well at keeping my feet dry. I've noticed no smell from the socks, even after wearing them two times in a row without washing -- which is most likely due to the Merino wool content of the socks.

      While camping on the beach, I wore my second pair of the Poppy Gall socks at night to keep my feet toasty while sleeping. Nothing will keep me up easier than having cold feet. I wore them for five nights and still haven't washed them! They just don't stink. I wore the first pair on several day hikes around the island in light hiking boots. They did very well with keeping sand and debris away from my feet. My feet stayed clean, dry and warm the entire trip -- and for that, I was a very happy camper.

      My first pair have been worn for just over 100 mi [161 km] and have been machine washed and dried at least 15 times (I wore them twice before washing each time). The picture below illustrates how well the socks have held up:

      <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "DTV Poppy Gall Socks" IMAGE CAPTION = "First pair on left, second pair on right">>

      Here are more detailed photos of the very slight pilling that has occurred on the ankle, heel and toe of the first pair:

      <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "DTV Poppy Gall Socks" IMAGE CAPTION = "Detail of used sock ankle and heel">>

      <<IMAGE GOES HERE. ALT TEXT = "DTV Poppy Gall Socks" IMAGE CAPTION = "Detail of used sock toe">>


      The DTV Hike/Trek 1/4 Cushion Poppy Gall socks have been excellent cushioned running and hiking socks for me. They've performed well as a camp sock (closest thing to a Snuggie!), and have help up well to repeated washings and the heat of drying. They hold no odor and help to keep my shoes from stinking as well. I really love these socks -- they really are soft.

      no odor
      keep out debris
      regulate temperature

      I only got two pair!

      This concludes my Field Report. Please come back in approximately two months for my Long Term Report. Many thanks to Darn Tough Vermont and BackpackGearTest.org for allowing me to test these socks!
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