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LTR - OR Graphic Dry Sack - Kristine Mar

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  • kmar546
    Mike - Attached is my Long Term Report for the OR Graphic Dry Sack. I m looking forward to your edits. The html file can be found here:
    Message 1 of 1 , Nov 29, 2010
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      Mike -

      Attached is my Long Term Report for the OR Graphic Dry Sack. I'm looking forward to your edits. The html file can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/25e3zsd

      The following is the text version:

      Long Term Report - November 29, 2010

      Field Conditions:

      I have used the dry sack for a total of 11 kayaking trips over the testing period. In addition to using the dry sack as a carrying device for my extra clothes, my lunch, and a headlamp, while kayaking, I also used it as a compression sack to carry two-three days worth of clothes back and forth from New York to Connecticut. I transport my things in a 20" duffel bag, and the dry sack helped to keep my things organized. In addition to my clothes, I generally carry a 35mm camera with accessories such as a spare battery, a small e-notebook with charger, a book or magazines to read on the train, and I usually end up bringing back a bag or two of groceries on my return trip on a regular weekend.

      In addition to the trips described in my Field Report, I used the dry sack on four more kayaking trips on Lake Zoar since October. The kayaking trips ranged in length from 3 miles (5 km) to 4 miles (6.4 km), with the temperatures ranging from 48F (9C) to 55F (13C) with little or no current on most days and some light winds at most.

      For the testing of the dry sack while kayaking, the sack was either strapped to the outside of my kayak as shown in the above photo or situated on the floor of the cockpit in between my legs. When the dry bag was strapped to the outside of the kayak, it was subject to splashing from the wake of passing motorized boats, and was also subject to some splashing from normal paddling. When it was left on the floor of the cockpit, it was subject to water which had pooled and was sloshing around from the splashing of the paddle. The pooled water would generally be about ½ inch (1.3 cm) high.

      The dry sack had performed so well over the test period that I decided to quickly submerge the bag in the river as I was exiting my kayak on two occasions to see if there would be any leakage. The instructions on the original packaging state that the bag is not made for prolonged submersion, but I wanted to see how the bag would perform in case it accidently had fallen overboard, so I quickly dunked the bag completely into the river then quickly pulled the bag out. In both cases, the contents of my bag remained completely dry.


      My impression of the dry sack has not changed from my initial impression. It is a lightweight attractive dry sack that did a great job of keeping my things dry while being splashed consistently with water over periods of 2-4 hours. It also kept my things dry while slightly submerged in small puddles, for periods of 2-4 hours.

      The bag served a dual purpose for me, and also worked great as a compression sack while traveling. When I squeezed the air out of the bag, my clothes for a 2-3 day weekend trip would compress down to the size of a basketball. The bag is well constructed, with nice watertight seams which show no signs of wear even after use over the past few months. The graphics on the dry sack have also held up well, even when being exposed to the sun for hours at a time. There has been no fading of the graphics and the graphics help me to quickly locate the sack while inside my traveling duffel.


      The Outdoor Research graphic dry sack is advertised as being lightweight, completely waterproof, and tear-resistant. I found that the sack performed as described and was impressed by the durability of the sack considering the weight of the fabric. The roll over flap felt a little flimsy as I stated in my initial impression, but the bag never leaked, and even when submerged, kept my things dry. The buckle worked flawlessly through the entire test period and was useful in securing the bag to the kayak by looping it through the strings on the hatch. Outdoor Research also offers a lifetime warranty on the product, and the product comes in a variety of sizes which makes it conveient to store anything from small items like maps to larger items such as sleeping bags.

      Things I like:

      1. Lightweight & Waterproof
      2. Durability and Construction
      3. Lifetime Warranty
      4. Multiple Sizes

      I have really enjoyed testing this product, and could not come up with any dislikes.

      I would like to thank both Outdoor Research and BackpackGearTest.org for allowing me the opportunity to test this item.
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