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IR - Darn Tough Vermont Poppy Gall Socks - Chari Daignault

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  • cdaignault
    Sorry this is a day late; finally figured out how to use the camera on my new work BlackBerry and get the pictures OFF... don t ask. Anyway, here it for edits!
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      Sorry this is a day late; finally figured out how to use the camera on my new work BlackBerry and get the pictures OFF... don't ask.

      Anyway, here it for edits!

      HTML: http://tiny.cc/7gfdj

      September 30, 2010


      NAME: Chari Daignault
      EMAIL: chari.daignault@...
      AGE: 47
      LOCATION: Orlando, Florida U.S.A.
      GENDER: F
      HEIGHT: 5' 6" (1.70 m)
      WEIGHT: 135 lb (61.20 kg)

      I've been a light hiker for 36 years. I take the minimum I can with me and prefer a pack close to 15 pounds [6.80 kg]. I've hiked all the Florida State Forest trails in Central Florida, backpacked the Na Pali coast on the island of Kauai and climbed Mt. Fuji in Japan. I have hiked dry & sandy, rough & rocky and wet & boggy trails and as a result, have found what does and doesn't work for me in terms of equipment and clothing.



      Manufacturer: Darn Tough Vermont
      Year of Manufacture: 2010
      Manufacturer's Website: <<HYPERLINK GOES HERE - "http://www.darntough.com/" LINK TEXT = "http://www.darntough.com/">>
      MSRP: US $17.00
      Listed Weight: N/A
      Measured Weight: 2.2 oz (62 g)
      Color Tested: Annie Lt. Denim (Blue)
      Colors Available: Annie Daybreak, Annie Seaweed, Annie Willow
      My Shoe Size: Women's US 9
      Size Sock Tested: Medium


      The Darn Tough Vermont (DTV) Poppy Gall socks are very soft, a bit thicker than socks I normally wear and are highly cushioned. The extra cushioning runs along the entire bottom of the foot, to include the toes and the heel. Did I mention they are soft?

      The toes and the heels are a light blue. The body of the sock is a denim color (gray/blue) and around the ankle are stripes of light and dark blue, off-white and gray. There is extra ribbing just beneath the ankle, which appears to prevent slippage and keep debris out better.


      The tops of the socks are much thinner than the rest of the sock, and appear to be so to allow for breathability and a more comfortable fit in shoes. The socks come up just above my ankle bone and have either flower or sun designs all across the top of the foot and around the ankle. The arch is tighter than the rest of the bottom of the sock, which appears to be a type of support band seen in many athletic socks. The only seam I can positively say exists is where the toe piece meets the body of the sock on top, or right about in the middle across the tops of my toes. The words "Darn Tough" are written just at the base of toes, facing away from me.


      The socks fit nicely, very comfy. These are definitely socks I'd wear with my jammies in front of the TV late at night! So far, they feel comfortable in my work shoes, my hiking shoes and my trail running shoes (yay!). I can feel the arch support; I have high arches and don't require arch support, so anything that offers that is keenly noticed on my foot. However, it's not uncomfortable; just noticeable. The seam across the top of my toes does not bother me so far. There are also thicker points sticking out on either side of this seam that could pose a problem during longer hikes or trail runs if they start to rub on either side of my outside toes.


      Merino Wool -- doesn't stink!

      Seam across toes
      Outside edges of seam across toes

      This concludes my Initial Report. Please check back in approximately two months for my Field Report. Many thanks to Darn Tough Vermont and BackpackGearTest.org for allowing me to test these socks!

      -- Chari
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