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EDIT: FR - Outdoor Research Ferrosi Shorts - AB

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  • Mark McLauchlin
    Hi AB, Good report, two for you to correct then you are good to go. Cheers Mark EDIT: legs uncomfortably. the slash style pocket ... EDIT: pack after some cash
    Message 1 of 3 , Sep 1, 2010
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      Hi AB,

      Good report, two for you to correct then you are good to go.


      EDIT: legs uncomfortably. the slash style pocket
      >>legs uncomfortably. The slash style pocket....

      EDIT: pack after some cash before remembering
      >>extra space between cash and before needs removing

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      Subject: FR - Outdoor Research Ferrosi Shorts - AB

      Here ya go. Have Fun!
      HTML can be found here: http://tinyurl.com/282m3yg


      Field Report: August 28, 2010

      Field Conditions:
      Once again, testing this cycle has been few and far between. Temperatures
      here have
      seen heat indexes over 115 F (46 C) a couple of times. I was able to get in
      a bit of
      testing finally a couple of weeks ago during a trip to colder hiking
      Temperatures during the weeklong trip ranged from 32 F (0 C) to around 70 F
      (21 C).
      The areas we camped around were about 11,000 ft (3350 m). There was a bit of
      during the trip, but nothing measurable to note. It did cool off the day
      quickly though.

      I have to admit; testing the Outdoor Research Ferrosi Shorts was not
      something that I
      was looking forward to just based on the way they looked on me while I was
      them over during the initial reporting phase. Just looked tight, felt tight,
      and made
      me feel a bit self-conscious. However, after wearing these for 10 minutes on
      the first
      day of a multi-day outing, I fell in love. These are great trail shorts, and
      have been
      exceptionally well designed to serve as such.

      From the top of the waistband down, I felt nothing but comfort all day while
      these shorts. The interior lining of the waistband kept my hips from feeling
      all day while carrying 25+ lbs (11+ kg) on them. I was able to move freely
      and not
      have the waistband sticking to me or pinching me unnaturally in any way.
      Even the snap
      on the belt felt natural and didn't press or cut into me in any way. I
      didn't even
      feel the need to wear a belt while wearing these shorts, something that is
      not usual for me.

      The tight feel of the shorts actually led to a more comfortable walk. Not
      only did I
      not have to worry about my shorts falling down around my knees for the
      entire trip, I
      also didn't have to worry about getting chafed anywhere. The shorts felt
      like they
      were hugging my butt and legs like a second skin. Because of this, there was
      rubbing, or scraping at all. The length was long enough that the hem didn't
      rise and
      bunch up in my crotch area, but not long enough that I felt as if I was
      wearing a pair
      of women's capri pants. Having a gusseted crotch also made moving and
      scrambling over
      rocks easier and more comfortable.

      Even the way the pockets and zippers were designed proved to be comfortable
      as well as
      easily accessible. I was able to place small items like lighters or GU
      (energy gel)
      packets into my pockets without worrying about the items being squished or
      rubbing the
      side of my legs uncomfortably. the slash style pocket on the right thigh
      proved to be
      a great place to store a credit card, drivers license, and small amount of
      cash. Never
      once did I feel these items stabbing me in my thigh as the pocket kept
      everything nice
      and flat. In all reality, I forgot that these items were even in my pocket
      as I went
      digging around in my pack after some cash before remembering my pockets.

      So far, I've been very pleased with the quality, construction, and fit of
      the Outdoor
      Research Ferrosi Shorts. It's been a bit of a surprise to me how comfortable
      shorts really are. With the cooling weather, I look forward to getting out
      into the
      woods a bit more and will definitely be wearing these at that time.
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