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EDIT - LTR - Teva - Itunda Sandal - Derek Hansen

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  • tcallahanbgt
    Derek, Nice write up and I like all the pics. No edits needed for your report. Good test series. Upload when ready. Tom
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 29, 2010
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      Nice write up and I like all the pics. No edits needed for your report. Good test series. Upload when ready.


      --- In backpackgeartesters@yahoogroups.com, Derek Hansen <derek.hansen@...> wrote:
      > Thank you for monitoring and editing this series!
      > > http://tiny.cc/ltr-itunda
      > Best,
      > ~derek
      > # # #
      > 24 Aug 2010
      > During the long-term phase, I went on an additional 6 day hikes and 3
      > overnight backpacking trips totaling 36 extra miles (58 km).
      > Here are some highlighted trips:
      > July 1-3 ~ Fremont Indian State Park, central Utah. This was a car-
      > camping family reunion in an amazing location. Most of us used
      > hammocks to camp. During the day, I participated on a few day hikes
      > with the pack. Elevation roughly 6000 ft (1829 m) and daytime
      > temperatures in the high 80s F (27 C) with lots of wind.
      > July 16-17 ~ West Fork of Oak Creek, Coconino National Forest,
      > Arizona. I convinced a co-worker to do an S24O trip (less than 24-hour
      > trip) into the Oak Creek Wilderness area. Immediately after work, we
      > drove down to the canyon and hiked up the creek about 4 miles (6 km)
      > and hammocked in the canyon. The elevation was level at 5400 ft (1646
      > m) and the overnight low was in the mid-60s F (16 C). We were up by 4
      > AM and back on the trail and back to our car, passing folks just
      > rising for the day.
      > Aug 7 ~ Cedar Breaks, Utah. A few day hikes with my wife. The
      > elevation was over 10,000 ft (3000 m). We encountered a few sprinkles
      > of rain (the tail end of a thunderstorm) and temperature of about 40 F
      > (4 C).
      > Aug 13-14 ~ Fisher Point, Coconino National Forest, Arizona. Another
      > S24O trip just outside Flagstaff. The 9-mile (14.5 km) trip took us
      > through skunk canyon (6600 ft/2011 m) and up to the top of Fisher
      > Point (7000 ft/2134 km). We pitched our hammocks on the edge of a
      > cliff. Overnight low was 48 F (9 C).
      > Fremont Indian State Park
      > I put in some good testing at the Fremont site. We went on a few day
      > hikes to take in the many pictograms and native sites. The high desert
      > was hot and dry with mostly rocky, dusty trails, but on one hike we
      > crossed over the river. The river topography was amazingly hidden--
      > surrounded by desert, this oasis rushes from the central Utah
      > mountains and is choked with willows. The frigid water was refreshing
      > and shocking.
      > I was so grateful to have worn these sandals at this location. The
      > ventilation was welcome in the hot, dry climate -- and when we crossed
      > the river, I was the only one who didn't have to worry about getting
      > his feet wet.
      > West Fork of Oak Creek
      > Another wetter hike was my backpacking trip into the West Fork of Oak
      > Creek, just south of Flagstaff, Arizona. This was my first trip up
      > this canyon, but I hope to return again soon. The lush vegetation and
      > humidity made me feel like I was back in Virginia. The level trail
      > crosses the river many times and my feet were often wet. I hiked the
      > last quarter mile in the river as we lost the trail. Canyoneering in
      > these sandals was perfect. I can't say that the traction is 100% solid
      > on slick rock and moss, but it does a pretty good job of sticking to
      > rocks.
      > When wet, the straps tend to loosen more often, but I've noticed the
      > straps loosen when my ankle bends sharply, like when I'm hiking a
      > steep portion of the trail. While the loose strap is mildly annoying,
      > it hasn't killed my appeal of the sandal as it has been really easy
      > for me to tighten the strap while I'm hiking, with one hand.
      > Cedar Breaks
      > My wife and I took a few hikes in Cedar Breaks, Utah. We got to the
      > trail right after a nice thunderstorm passed through, getting
      > everything wet and dropping the temperature considerably. I had to
      > layer back up to stay warm, including adding thermals and some socks
      > to the sandals. I eventually loaned my socks to my wife, who
      > incidentally was wearing her Teva Itunda sandals too. While it was
      > cool outside, the sandals did a great job keeping my feet warm as we
      > hiked.
      > Fisher Point
      > During a few hikes, and often in the morning when it is cool, I've
      > worn socks with the sandals. With socks, I don't notice the side
      > buckle and strap getting loose at all and debris doesn't bother me as
      > much.
      > One thing I really, really enjoy about these sandals is the closed toe
      > and fabric uppers. Normally, I can't hike long miles in sandals,
      > especially backpacking trips. Add water to the mix and I often get hot
      > spots and blisters. Not so with the Itunda. I've found that I have no
      > areas that rub raw; the enclosed toe protects my toes from getting
      > stubbed or stabbed from debris; and the material and open areas
      > provide a great mix of warmth and ventilation.
      > The soles have really performed well in protecting my feet from rocks
      > along the trail. They are firm and I've found the cushioning just
      > right for miles and miles of hiking with a backpack.
      > These sandals are a winner. I've had no misgivings about taking them
      > on backpacking trips as my only footwear, including trips with lots of
      > water. The enclosed toe and fabric upper are really the combination
      > that makes these sandals part of my permanent backpacking kit.
      > The only real issue is when the strap loosens when they get wet or
      > when my ankle pushes on an incline.
      > PRO--Great protection from rocks and debris. Comfortable.
      > CON--Straps loosen when wet.
      > I would like to thank Teva and BackpackGearTest.org for providing me
      > with the opportunity to test this product.
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