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APPLICATION - OR Dune Shirt - Chad Poindexter

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    Application to test Outdoor Research Dune Shirt For Chad Poindexter May 2nd, 2010 Please accept my application to test the Outdoor Research Dune Shirt. I have
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      Application to test Outdoor Research Dune Shirt
      For Chad Poindexter

      May 2nd, 2010

      Please accept my application to test the Outdoor Research Dune Shirt. I
      have read, and agree to, the BackpackGearTest. org bylaws v.0609 that
      are laid out in Chapter 5, as well as the Survival Guide and other
      corresponding text. My tester agreement is on file.

      Tester Information:
      Name: Chad Poindexter
      Age: 32
      Gender: Male
      City: Corinth
      State: Mississippi
      Country: USA
      Email address: stick1377 (AT) gmail (DOT) com

      Backpacking background:
      I have been backpacking about a year now. I ended up buying mid to heavy
      weight gear, but am currently going lighter. While I love my tent, I am
      trying out the more minimalist approach with a tarp in an attempt to
      lighten up my load, along with alcohol stoves and such. I have done all
      my hiking in the southeast, with the Appalachian Trail being my love. My
      wife and/or my son are usually with me on my hikes, but I am planning
      for some solo trips sometime this summer.

      Field Conditions:
      I will do most of my hiking in some local state parks around my home. I
      am trying to get some trips up to the Great Smoky Mountains and again on
      the AT as soon as possible. Here is the southeast the conditions are
      typically rainy and warm (humid). Trail conditions range from easy to
      difficult, just depending on where I am.

      Test Plan:
      Comfort: Cotton is a big no-no on the trail, so OR has made this shirt
      an 85/15 blend of polyester and cotton. I will report on the feel of the
      fabric against my skin, with and without a backpack.
      Moisture Management: I will report the ability of this shirt to dry out
      both from perspiring as well as from an occasional rain shower. Since
      this shirt does contain a small amount of cotton, I am curious as to how
      well (fast) it will dry out.
      Durability: I will be sure to report on the details of this shirt, such
      as the buttons (how well do they stay attached?), the hems (how well is
      the shirt stitched to begin with and do they hold up under a pack or
      just due to wear and washings?) and the actual woven shirt itself (will
      the material wear thin?)
      Ease of use: How easy is it to use the chest pocket and the internal
      media pocket, more so while wearing a backpack?

      If chosen for this test I would require the size Large, and first pick
      of color would be Sea (blue).

      My average upload / post score is -1 and my Tester Statistics Page is
      here :

      My Tester Stats Page <http://teststatus.backpackgeartest.org/T1873.htm>

      I have completed 12 Owner Reviews and have 1 awaiting edit. They can be
      found here:

      My Owner Reviews

      I am currently working on 3 test series at this time:
      1. Stuffitts Shoe Savers (LTR due 6/15)
      2. Lorpen Expedition Polartec / PLoft 1 Socks (LTR due 5/18)
      3. Eureka! Glide 51 Lantern ( FR 6/15)

      Other test series currently applied for:

      The only role I play at BGT at the moment is that of a newbie tester,
      however, I am working on all 3 of my first test series (one will be done
      soon!) and after this I plan on helping out in other roles such as
      editor (?), or what ever the good people of BGT will allow me.

      I am very excited to have the opportunity to apply for the Outdoor
      Research Dune Shirt test series and hope that I will be chosen to
      participate in this test. I would like to thank Outdoor Research and
      Backpackgeartest. org for this opportunity.

      Chad Poindexter

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