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LTR- Terramar Silk N Wool Pants- Will Rice

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  • dalenmoney
    Uploaded the report. Its early, but its summer here... http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/test/TESTS/LTR-%20Terramar%20Pants-%20Will%20Rice/ Will
    Message 1 of 1 , May 2, 2010
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      Uploaded the report. Its early, but its summer here...




      Date: 3/19-3/20
      Location: Mountains-to-Sea Trail, Marion, North Carolina
      Weather: Sunny and clear (Cold overnight, 40 F/ 5 C, Warm day, 80 F/ 27 C)
      Activity: Backpacking (5 miles/ 8 km, out and back)

      I finally got out into the woods again for an overnight. We didn't get to do as much hiking as I would have liked, but for the purposes of testing, it was good. We got started hiking late and so we hiked into the night, after the sun had gone down behind the ridge. The temperatures rapidly dropped once the sun was down. Stopping to camp also meant a little less activity, and thus time to put the Terramar pants on. These pants are so smooth and slide on really well. I wore the pants to sleep in inside my sleeping bag. My sleeping pad deflated in the night, so the pants gave me some degree of added warmth. However, since the pants aren't very thick, my butt did get a little cold in contact with the ground.
      The next morning, as we got up and broke camp, the sun was still behind the ridge. I began my hike out with the pants still on and they helped to keep me warm while hiking. Once we got to the sun, I shed the pants and my legs from my zip-off pants. The pants pack away easily (even into a shorts pocket if it's moderately large) and the weight is not even close to noticeable added to a pack.

      Date: 4/10-4/11
      Location: Congaree Swamp, South Carolina
      Weather: warm (80 F/27 C), sunny days, clear cool (50 F/10 C) nights
      Activity: Off-trail hiking through swamps and wetland stream-type land (6-8 miles/10-13 km)

      I mostly wore the pants the morning of the second day. They are super-comfortable and help keep my legs warm without riding up. The fit of them keeps them in place with movement and/or with putting on layers on top of them.

      Notes on Other Uses- These pants are very comfortable, but my legs warm up when I am using them. Because of this, most situations here in the southeast are not cold enough for using these pants. They work well at camp when I am not moving around much, but otherwise they are too warm. In terms of use for cycling or jogging or other aerobic activities, they are just to warm. These pants pair well with the Terramar top, but my upper body has a tendency to need the warmth more so than my lower body.


      Other than a little minor fuzz, the Terramar pants have held up well. The seams are all still in good shape. They haven't held any bad smells in them. I have hand washed them, machine washed them, and even just wore them in the shower. They are still in very good condition.


      Along with the Terramar top, these pants have become the beginning of my packing list for any trips. Since they are so light, I bring them whether or not the weather requires just as a backup set of clothing and for emergency situations.

      Usage Total:
      Day Hiking- 7+ days
      Orienteering/ Run-Hiking- 2 days
      Backpacking- 4 days, 2 nights
      Snowboarding- 2 days
      Cross-Country Skiing- 1 day

      - smooth and soft
      - light
      - dries fast

      - has become fuzzy
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