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Application to test Tarptent Sublite - Pam Wyant

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  • pamwyant
    Application to test Tarptent Sublite I have read The BackpackGearTest.org Bylaws v. 0609. My tester agreement is on file. I agree to comply with requirements
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 31, 2010
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      Application to test Tarptent Sublite

      I have read The BackpackGearTest.org Bylaws v. 0609. My tester agreement is on
      file. I agree to comply with requirements as outlined in the Bylaws.

      Date: March 31, 2010

      Name: Pamela Wyant
      Age: 52
      Gender: Female
      Height: 5 ft 5 in (1.65 m)
      Weight: 175 lb (79 kg)

      E-mail address: pamwyant(at)yahoo(dot)com
      Location: Western West Virginia, U.S.A.

      I enjoy a variety of outdoor activities, including backpacking, day-hiking, car camping, canoeing, and more. Most of my excursions are confined to weekends, although I try to fit in one longer backpacking trip each year, and have started section hiking the Appalachian Trail (AT) accruing a little over 300 mi (483 km) so far. My style varies with the activity, but since becoming a lightweight backpacker, I have noticed I tend to pack somewhat minimally even on trips where I have more space. Still, I don't like to sacrifice warmth, comfort, safety, or convenience.

      Field Information -

      My main testing spots over the next few months will be in the eastern mountains and western hills of West Virginia, and hopefully a section of the Appalachian Trail in Virginia or North Carolina.

      Testing plan –

      I am interested to see if the Sublite lives up to its potential for a lightweight shelter that is still relatively roomy. It appears to have a good bit of space for a one-person shelter, which should allow me to store pretty much everything I carry inside with me. I find Henry Shire's designs innovative, and the Sublite looks like no exception. Since I am a trekking pole user and a gram-weenie, being able to forgo tent poles for something I already carry is appealing. I do have a little concern as to how stable the design will be – it doesn't appear the trekking poles are guyed out, and I wonder how well the poles will stay in place, particularly in breezier conditions.

      Another interest is how well the Sublite will handle the condensation that often occurs in the humid Appalachian Mountain area. It appears to have a good bit of ventilation that would keep this under control.

      And of course, I will be reporting on the typical concerns – ease of setup, waterproofness under various conditions, roominess, packability, noisiness, and more.

      Link to all my completed reviews & reports:

      Current Tests:

      Outdoor Research Helium Jacket – FR due May 18

      Sierra Designs Euphoria Sleeping bag – IR due 1/6 (just received)

      Other apps out:

      All-ett World's Lightest Wallet
      I also plan to apply for the ULA CDT pack

      Additional BackpackGearTest activities:


      Although I have not submitted any owner reviews within the last year, I have completed a number of test series, including several on items I had not considered applying for, but did so after a request for more applications went out.

      I have a good track record for handling multiple tests while submitting reports in a timely manner, although I did slip up in the last week and was a couple of days late uploading a report due to having missed the posted edit.

      Testing the OR Helium Jacket, SD sleeping bag, Tarptent Sublite, All-ett Wallet, & ULA CDT pack together would be no problem whatsoever, if I would happen to be selected for all 3 items I am currently applying for. I have often had 2 reports due on the same day, and once had 3 reports due the same day, yet still managed timely postings.

      Thanks for considering my application!

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