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LTR - Gregory Wasatch Pack - Mike Wilkie

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  • Mike Wilkie
    Long-Term Report Gregory Wasatch Pack   Mike Wilkie 3/2/10   Hi,   Find below my text version for the Wasatch LTR.  Here is a link for the HTML version
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      Long-Term Report
      Gregory Wasatch Pack
      Mike Wilkie
      Find below my text version for the Wasatch LTR.  Here is a link for the HTML version found in the test folder.  Thank you for your edits.

      Best Regards,
      Mike Wilkie
      March 02, 2010
      NAME: Mike Wilkie
      EMAIL: foreverwild76 at yahoo dot com
      AGE: 33
      LOCATION: Davenport, New York (USA)
      GENDER: M
      HEIGHT: 5' 8" (1.73 m)
      WEIGHT: 150 lb (68.00 kg)
      Hiking for me started at an early age, as I was always an avid camper and as a Scout my backpacking obsession began. Now living in the Catskill Region backpacking has become serious for me over the years. I hike, snowshoe, canoe, snowboard or multi-day backpack through the Catskills or Adirondacks almost every weekend. I use and practice safe lightweight techniques and have greatly reduced my pack weight, adding both comfort and miles to my adventures. As an aspirant of the Catskill-3500 Club and Adirondack-46ers, peak-bagging is my main outdoor activity. My long-term goals are to complete long distance thru-hikes.
      I continued to use and test the Gregory Wasatch Pack in various state parks, forests and local woods.  Due to the small size of the pack and limited space to carry winter essentials, the pack was used on short low mileage snowshoe treks.  However, for the first time, I decided to test out the pack as a snowboard pack while hitting the slopes at Belleayre Mountain.
      South Hill State Forest
      In this state forest I snowshoe trekked a three mile (4.83 km) bushwhack loop.  This is a typical loop I hike, which was trekked twice during this test period.  On my first trek, there was about 12 inches (30.48 cm) of snow and the second was right after a big Northeast snowstorm with three to four feet (91 cm to 122 cm) of fresh snow.  On both occasions, there was light snow with temperatures just below freezing.  The average elevation was around 2100 ft (640 m).
      Bellearyre Mountain
      This slope-side snowboard trip was an all day excursion with just below freezing temperatures and snow flurries at times.  The total elevation of the mountain is 3420 ft (1042 m) with a vertical drop of 1404 ft (428 m).
      I continue to take my weekly short treks in the forest behind my home. This 2.5 mile (4.03 km) loop climbed to an elevation of 2000 ft (610 m). Snowshoes were worn for all of these treks and the temperature averaged out at about 25 F (-3.88 C).  The terrain is a rough climb with a few steep scrambles.  This trek was completed six times during this final testing period.
      For continued use, the Gregory Wasatch Pack was used on nine short day excursions during this final testing leg.  Eight of these trips were backcountry snowshoe treks and one was on a snowboard trip while hitting the slopes.  In total for the entire testing period, the Wasatch Pack was used for 30 days of field use.
      Final Field Evaluations and Assessments
      For this final testing leg of the Gregory Wasatch, the pack performed as expected.  It continued to provide durability, great function and excellent features.  Over these four months of testing, I have learned to appreciate the sleek design of the Wasatch for short backcountry treks, front country walks and as a snowboard pack while hitting the slopes.
      As expressed in my previous reports, the Wasatch did not offer enough space for long winter treks in the cold and snowbound backcountry.  However, the pack performed great on short snowshoe treks when not venturing deep into the backcountry.  With my experience of packing my essentials into the Wasatch, I can see it will accommodate my summer essential comfortably where I will continue to us the pack more frequently.
      The pack has proved to be durable and performed without failure.  All zippers, draw-cords, and buckles still perform as they did when new.  As for a personal preference, I would like to see completely enclosed waist-belt pockets instead of mesh.  I feel the mesh allows too much moisture and dirt in, where I like to store my camera or GPS unit.
      The lightweight design always offered comfort on my back and the loads no matter what size were always stabilized with the internal compression system.  Many other features help to add to the packs comfort and excellent performance, such as the H2O reservoir compatibility and large front mesh pocket.  The small internal pockets help to organize small essentials as well as the side mesh pockets.
      Overall, I found this test series to be a success as the Wasatch Pack proved to be valuable in the field.  As for its small size and limited space, the pack will be used on short treks during the winter months; however, it will receive extended use during the warmer months.  For overnighters, the Wasatch easily compresses and with its lightweight, it can easily be carried as summit pack when base camping or backpacking.
      In the beginning of this test series, I had issue with the Gregory Wasatch Pack's small size and limited pack space for winter use.  However, with all my experience with the Gregory pack, I found it to be high quality with outstanding function and performance.  Yes, I was reduced to using the pack on short treks only, but for that, the pack proved valuable.  I look forward to when I can extend the packs day use in the warmer months as its lightweight and sleek designed offered great comfort and function.
      For a small pack, the Wasatch offers plenty of features, in my opinion, to satisfy the lightweight guru or adventure racer.  Any loads carried by the Wasatch, sat comfortably on my back and were easily stabilized with the internal compression system.  The Gregory Wasatch is now a valuable option added to my gear list.

      Internal compression system
      Lightweight and sleek design
      Continued comfort during field use
      I originally had issue with the packs small size and limited space, but I have learned to accept it as the packs features, function and excellent performance in the field greatly make up for this complaint.
      This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      Copyright 2010.  All rights reserved.

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    • bigdawgryan
      Mike, Nice test series. Just one comment. You are free to post in the appropriate folder. Please remember to delete your file from the TESTS folder.
      Message 2 of 2 , Mar 4, 2010
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        Nice test series. Just one comment. You are free to post in the appropriate folder. Please remember to delete your file from the TESTS folder.

        COMMENT: I would have liked to see some photos of your own taking included in the report. Photos of gear in action really add to one's report. Something for you to consider in future reports.

        See you on the next one. Ryan
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