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APPLICATION - JetBoil Flash With Java Kit - John Waters

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  • exec@bysky.com
    APPLICATION TO TEST THE JETBOIL FLASH WITH JAVA KIT Please accept my application to test the JetBoil Flash with Java Kit. My Tester Agreement is on file as
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 1, 2010
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      Please accept my application to test the JetBoil Flash with Java Kit.

      My Tester Agreement is on file as required. I am familiar with the latest
      BGT Bylaws v. 0609. I have read the requirements for being a tester and the
      new reporting requirements. I agree to comply with these requirements.

      Tester's Biographical Information:

      Name: John R. Waters
      Age: 60
      Gender: Male
      Email Address: exec at bysky dot com
      City, State, Country: Canon City, Colorado, USA

      Backpacking Background:

      My backpacking began in 1999. I've hiked rain forests in Hawaii, Costa Rica,
      and Puerto Rico, on glaciers in New Zealand and Iceland, 14ers in Colorado
      and the deserts of Death Valley. Currently, my wife and I hike mostly in
      the Cooper Mountain range and the Wet Mountains of Fremont County - south
      east Colorado area. We day hike or snowshoe 6-8 miles (10-13 km) a couple
      times a week with weekend hikes at least once a month.

      My day pack weight currently is about 18 lb (8 kg) now, with overnights
      weighing in over 25 lb (11 kg). I'm aiming to reduce that weight load but it
      hasn't happened yet.

      Field Conditions and Locations

      Over the next four months of spring and summer, I plan to be hiking or
      backpacking every weekend. Specific scheduled destinations in the works for
      multi-day trips include the Great Sand Dunes National Park, Rocky Mountain
      National Park, Beaver Creek (all located in Colorado) and Canyonlands
      National Park in Utah. Also on my to-do list is a weekend trip to summit my
      first "fourteener", Mt. Quandary in Colorado. Several years ago, I missed
      summiting Mt. Elbert by approximately 700 ft. due to deep snow and an icy
      ridgeline. Beaver Island in Lake Michigan is also a possible destination
      depending on when the test period starts/ends (August) and Saguaro National
      Park in Arizona (first week of September).

      Of course, I will be doing the usual weekends and day hikes/snowshoes in
      Colorado, mostly in the Wet, Cooper and Sangre de Cristo mountain ranges.
      Elevation lows will be around 5000 ft (1500 m) and highs will be 14,000 ft+
      (4300 m).

      I also do a lot of outdoors work for my company installing wireless radios
      and grids on rooftops, towers, etc. It can get mighty cold up high,
      especially when it is windy. A cup of hot coffee (soup, tea, etc.) would be
      really nice.

      These are all desert terrain-type hikes (except Rocky Mountain National Park
      which is high alpine). There will be a wide variety of temperatures, snow
      probable in the early months and possible straight through summer, lots of
      sunshine and most likely little, if any, precipitation. Temperatures will
      range from 90 F to below freezing (32 C),

      Test Plan

      If selected, I intend to test the Flash Java Kit Cooking System for its
      ability to not only make a good cup of coffee, but as a regular appliance to
      prepare meals. I'll have an opportunity to test it at different altitudes
      and under different temperature conditions, so I'll be able to see how it
      performs under less than stellar conditions.

      I'm curious about whether the Java cup retains coffee odor and taste if used
      in the field to also cook meals. Since the java cup is specified as an
      "insulating cozy", I am wondering how quickly the contents will degrade in
      temperature under the various environmental conditions I'll be subjecting it
      to. Will the exterior
      temperature indicator perform as well as different altitudes and ambient
      temperatures? Will the lid stay firmly in place under various conditions?
      Can I use the press with gloved hands? So much testing to do. I need a cup
      of coffee.

      If chosen, I know I'll give the JetBoil Flash with Java Kit a good workout.

      Thank you to BGT and JetBoil for the opportunity to apply for this test!

      John R. Waters

      Other Tests Applied/Applying for but not Assigned Include:
      None as of this application

      Current Tests include:
      Two - the Stuffitts' Shoe Savers, IR posted February 2, FR due April 13 and
      LTR due June 15 and the Montbell Alpine Light Down Vest, IR posted February
      3, FR due April 20 and LTR due June 22, 2010. My Admin page shows that I'm
      waiting for the Osprey Kode 30 Backpack, but that test has been indefinitely
      (until at least Fall) postponed.

      All Completed Tests and Owner's Reviews Can Be Viewed At:

      Current Test Monitor for:
      All Terrain Winter Sport Sunscreen

      I also contribute as a Test Manager and Monitor for BGT.
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