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FR - Terramar Thermolator Shirt - Jerry Adams

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  • jerry adams
    My report in test folder - http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/test/TESTS/FR%20-%20Terramar%20Thermolator%20Shirt%20-%20Jerry%20Adams/#FRPT   Here s the
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      My report in test folder - http://www.backpackgeartest.org/reviews/test/TESTS/FR%20-%20Terramar%20Thermolator%20Shirt%20-%20Jerry%20Adams/#FRPT
      Here's the text for the FR:
      <a name="FRPT">FIELD REPORT</a>
      12/13 - 5 mile (8 km) 1.5 hour brisk walk, 38 F (3 C), a little sweaty.
      12/14 - 4.5 mile (7 km) 1.25 hour brisk walk, 42 F (6 C), a little sweaty.
      1/13/2010 - 4 night backpack on the Deschutes River in Central Northern Oregon.  35 to 45 F (2 to 7 C).  25 miles (40 km).  1000 feet (300 m) elevation gain.  Wore it while hiking and overnight in sleeping bag.
      1/27 - 7 mile (11 km) day hike up Dog Mountain in Southern central Washington state.  35 to 45 F (2 to 7 C).  2800 feet (850 m) elevation gain.  Got sweaty, but didn't feel too uncomfortable and dried off pretty quickly when I was done.
      2/1/2010 - 20 mile (32 km) 4 night backpack up Siouxon Creek in central Southern Washington state.   35 to 45 F (2 to 7 C).  1500 feet (450 m) elevation.  Wore it the entire time.  There were rain showers and I got sweaty occasionally so it got damp and then dried out several times.
      2/16/2010 - 30 mile (48 km) 6 night backpack on Zigzag Mountain and Ramona Falls in Northern Oregon state.  22 to 45 F (-6 to 7 C).  2000 to 4600 feet (600 to 1400 m) elevation gain.  Wore it the entire time except a couple hours of uphill backpacking.  Thumbholes were really useful for keeping hands warm.
      The Terramar Thermolator Shirt is a nice long underwear.
      For most of my testing I wore the shirt by itself during the day and put on an insulated vest and jacket during the evening:
      Several characteristics:
      The fabric is comfortable against the skin.  The fabric and seams aren't scratchy or anything.
      The fabric is slippery against outer clothing layers.  If the outer layer sticks against the base layer then it constricts my movement.
      The shirt provides the warmth I expect.  I can wear just the base layer while backpacking at 35 to 45 F (2 to 7 C).  It adds warmth when in camp and overnight in my sleeping bag.
      It dried out quickly when it got a little damp from sweat.
      After wearing it all the time for 4 or 6 days, it smelled a little but not too bad.
      I don't know about wicking capability.  It seems like I should remove clothes to avoid sweating.  If the clothes get wet, it doesn't matter if the water wicks outward, it still takes heat to evaporate it.  It's nice that the Thermolators don't absorb a lot of water and dry out quickly.
      I liked that the sleeves rolled up comfortably.  This allows cooling off some without having to remove the shirt completely:
      I found the thumbholes really useful when it got cold.  They kept my hands warm without having to wear gloves.  The fingers are free to do stuff.  I put them in my pockets when not doing something.
      The Terramar Thermolator Shirt  met my expectations.
      Felt comfortable against skin.
      Fairly low weight.
      Kept me as warm as expected for a base layer.
      Thumbholes kept my hands warm, didn't need gloves.
      Didn't absorb a lot of water and dried out quickly.
      Any odor was minimal.
      Outer layers easily slipped over base layer.
      No front zipper or button opening.  With a zipper or button front shirt, there's a little more flexibility in regulating heat to avoid sweating without having to take the shirt off.
      I will continue using the shirt for a number of backpacking trips in the Long Term Test period.  Look forward to my report in about 2 months.
      Thanks to Terramar and backpackgeartest.org for letting me test these.

      This report was created with the BGT Report Generator.
      Copyright 2010.  All rights reserved.

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