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LTR - Princeton Tec Remix Headlamp

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    Hey Ralph, Not sure about my alignment of pics in the html... can you double check? http://tinyurl.com/yjqo35r Cheers! Jamie ... *Long-Term Report* 10th
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      Hey Ralph,

      Not sure about my alignment of pics in the html... can you double check?





      *Long-Term Report*

      10th February 2010

      *Field Locations & Conditions*

      I continued my field testing of the Princeton Tec Remix headlamp in
      various settings, including some backpacking and camping as well as
      off-shore sailing. As all my long term testing has been during my
      summer, I have spent a lot of time at the beach and in coastal
      locations. I recently spent 2 nights at camped at Bridport, at sea
      level. There was no rain and temps ranged from 35 C (95 F) to lows
      around 12 C (53 F). I also used the Remix on an overnight walk into Mt
      Field National Park. During this walk I was between 1,038 m ( 3,405 ft)
      and 1,272 m (ft). Again the weather was lovely and sunny with no rain
      and temps where hot, getting to 38 C (100 F) during the day and only
      dropping to 18 C (64 F) at night. I also threw the Remix into my bag for
      a recent off shore ocean race. This short race of around 90 nautical
      miles (166 km/103 mi) was from Hobart around Bruny Island and involved
      travel between 43 31.421 S and 42 52.945 S latitude. Sea and weather
      conditions where light and sunny with no rain.

      The Friars off Bruny Island

      *Performance in the Field*

      Throughout my field and long-term testing, I have greatly enjoyed using
      the Remix. I identified in my field report that I had 2 instances where
      the Remix failed to turn on and I was forced to open the battery door to
      make the lamp work. I am pleased to report that I have had no other
      instances of this happening and am still at a loss to explain what
      caused the issue. I am actually still using the original batteries that
      were supplied with the Remix however I noticed that the brightness is a
      getting low and I assume the batteries could benefit from being
      replaced. I have a few other headlamps, my favorite actually maintains
      brightness at full power then starts to flash when the batteries are too
      low. This is a handy feature, which the Remix does not have, the light
      simply gets dimmer. I would prefer the flash option.
      During the yacht race, I had the Remix on my head for around 7 hours,
      although I only turned it on when I required light. This means that the
      Remix was exposed to wind and spray for the bulk of this time. Every
      time I pressed the power button the Remix would start. I found this
      resistance to weather highly impressive. The Remix remained comfortable
      to wear all throughout the night. mainly had the beam set on Ultrabright
      High as I was using the Remix to light up what ever I was working on at
      the time on the deck of the boat such as sail changes or trimming. One a
      couple of occasions I used Maxbright High to try to spot the sail
      numbers of other competing boats that where close to us at the time. I
      found that I could light up the sails or hull of competing boats that
      were within around 25 m (82 ft) of us. I did notice towards the end of
      the night that this beam did get dimmer, which was as a result of the
      battery drain.

      I have continued to find that adjusting the angle of the lamp is
      basically impossible with 1 hand, as the body is very stiff and hard to
      move. This is sometimes quite annoying, and I found it most limiting
      when on the boat as I would go from working on the deck to wanting to
      use the Maxbright beam and would want to change the angle of the lamp. I
      gave up and just tilted my head more than preferred.

      *Final Summary*

      When I commenced testing the Princeton Tec Remix I was keen to discover
      if it was capable of being a true hybrid of a spot lamp and broad beam
      capable of use around camp and for long distance lighting. I am pleased
      to report that I have found this is the case, the Remix is highly
      capable in each of its 4 lighting modes. I have also found that the
      Remix is comfortable to wear for long periods of time and is durable and
      resistant of weather.

      My concerns of the switch failing to work during my field testing have
      gone as I experienced no further issues. I find it a little annoying
      that the lamp angle is hard to adjust but this would not stop my
      purchasing a Remix as this is a minor issue.

      In summary I highly commend Princeton Tec for the Remix. I will continue
      to use the Remix for many years to come as I find it a flexible,
      practical, lightweight and highly comfortable.

      This concluded my testing of the Priceton Tec Remix hybrid headlamp. My
      final thanks to Princeton Tec and BackpackGearTest.org
      <http://www.backpackgeartest.org/> for the opportunity to test this product.
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