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Application: Wenger EvoGrip S18 Swiss Army Knife - McNeilly

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  • Pat
    OK, since there is 25 inches of snow on the ground, it will snow for another six hours, and I don t have snowshoes; I figured I might as well put an
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      OK, since there is 25 inches of snow on the ground, it will snow for another six hours, and I don't have snowshoes; I figured I might as well put an application in. So here goes.

      Pat McNeilly

      Please accept my application to test the Wenger EvoGrip S18 Yellow Swiss Army Knife.

      I have read the Survival Guide v0609, including Chapter 5, and if selected for this test, will fully comply with all of the requirements described within. I have also filed my Test Agreement.

      Name: Pat McNeilly
      Age: 47
      Gender: Male
      Height: 5' 8" (1.7 m)
      Weight: 155 lb (70 kg)
      Email address: mcne4752@...
      City, State, Country: Gaithersburg, MD, U.S.A.

      Backpacking Background:
      I have been hiking for over 20 years but backpacking for only the last three years. Most of my backpacking is done as overnight trips and occasional weekend and weeklong trips. My typical packweight this season has been approximately 15 to 18 lb (7 to 9 kg) before food or water and I have been trying to go to lighter and lighter weights. I would probably rate myself as a lightweight backpacker but slowly creeping closer to ultralight. Most of my backpacking is the three season variety in the mountains of Maryland, Virginia, Pennsylvania and West Virginia although I do camp and hike during the winter.

      Test Plan:
      I plan to test this item primarily on day trips in Maryland, Virginia or Southern Pennsylvania, however I may get a couple overnights in during the test period. The elevation on these trips will range from sea level to approximately 3500 ft (0 - 1067 m). The temperatures I expect to encounter on these trips should range from 35 F to 85 F (2 C to 30 C). These areas get varied amounts of rainfall but in the summer we can expect everything from light rain to heavy thunderstorms.

      I understand how to use this knife, in fact, I have one quite similar to it which I have been carrying in my pocket daily for the past twenty years. This knife will get daily use in all types of activities, since I will simply trade one for the other. I am particularly interested in how the locking features of the blade and screwdriver, the anti-slip grip, and smoothly the tools open.

      BackpackGearTest Activity:
      My current testing load includes:

      Gregory Wasatch Pack (LTR due March 2, 2010)
      Mountain Khakis Snake River Pants (LTR due March 2, 2010)

      My reports may be found at the following location:


      BackpackGearTest Applications:

      I have no other applications pending at this time.

      I sincerely appreciate your consideration of this application.
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