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EDIT:IR- Timex WS4 Watch- Will Rice

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  • Mark McLauchlin
    Hi Will, Good use of images in your report. Few comments to think about and some edits, then you are free to upload. Cheers Mark Comment: Where you list the
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      Hi Will,

      Good use of images in your report.

      Few comments to think about and some edits, then you are free to upload.



      Comment: Where you list the weight, although its not a requirement, it is a
      good idea to state if this is the manufacturers listed weight or yours and
      include both.
      Where you list the colour of the watch it is also a good idea to list the
      other colours the watch is available in.

      EDIT: Adjustible
      >>Adjustable – I did check the US online dictionary and it does not appear
      there .

      EDIT: and am superexcited
      >> and am super excited.

      EDIT: indiglo
      >>appears to be a Timex trademark and is capitalised so INDIGLO.

      EDIT: altimeteer/ baromter calibrating
      >>altimeter / barometer

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      Now with two scoops of pictures!




      Manufacturer: Timex
      Year of Manufacture: 2009
      Manufacturer's Website: http://www.timexexpedition.com
      MSRP: US$ 200.00
      Weight: 3.5 oz (100 g)
      Color: White/ Black
      Battery: CR2430
      Water Resistant: 50 m
      Adjustible Strap with 12 settings
      5 buttons


      Initial Impressions: This watch is big! I couldn't stop thinking about its
      size. It also has a really nice display and very large numbering for
      everything. I was also overwhelmed by the features it has and am
      superexcited about using every aspect of the watch.
      Materials: Even with its large size, the material it is made of is still
      super-light, so the watch is not heavy. It has a fairly thick strap that
      feels solid and I don't fear it will break. I also am not worried about any
      part of the watch falling apart. The buttons are all proportional to the
      size of the watch and therefore easily located and pressed. This watch seems
      tough enough for any abuse I might expose it to.
      Features: The screen is easy to see. Scrolling through all of the modes is
      kind of lengthy, but I am getting used to the order. Setting the watch
      follows the traditional Timex methods, so that is simple. Calibrating the
      watch is a little more complicated and required some reading of the manual,
      but now is easy to remember and do.


      The instructions are well laid out and easy to read in multiple languages.
      The manual is real small, so it is very portable. Calibration of the watch
      required some tinkering with the manual. Also, there will be some other
      features I have to check the manual for as I discover and try to use them.


      I took the watch into the field with me for my research project. I was
      excited about the altimeter function. It has 3 digits, so I was hoping to
      get + or - a couple feet with the watch, but it appears to take a swing of
      10 or more feet to register a change in altitude. The second feature I used
      was the compass. It is very sensitive and has cardinal directions down the
      most detailed level (ex: SSE) in addition to a compass bearing. I am excited
      to use this during orienteering and see if it works better or worse than a
      regular compass. The last feature I have enjoyed is the weather icons. I am
      interested to see if this watch can accurately predict rain.
      I did attempt to use the watch while jogging. With extra sweating from
      running and its size and the back and forth motion of the arm, I did not
      enjoy wearing this as a jogger's watch. It isn't designed for that purpose,
      so that could be why it doesn't work well in that capacity.
      The indiglo is bright enough to take a picture of it.


      I plan to do some backpacking, hiking, orienteering, and possibly
      snowboarding. I am interested in running the stopwatch and recording
      altitude gains and losses while cycling and possibly while snowboarding. I
      would also like to see if I can notice the actual passing of a weather front
      via the barometric readings.


      This watch is super cool. It is fairly comfortable, light, stylish, sturdy,
      and has oodles of features.

      - sturdy
      - stylish

      - altimeteer/ baromter calibrating

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      1.5 Copyright 2009. All rights reserved.

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