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EDIT - Hennessy Hammock Deep Jungle Hammock - Thomas VIckers

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  • Bob Sanders
    Hi Thomas, Here are your edits for the Hennessy Hammock Deep Jungle Hammock. Overall, excellent report and good use of photos. Seems to be lots of extra
    Message 1 of 5 , Nov 2, 2009
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      Hi Thomas,

      Here are your edits for the Hennessy Hammock Deep Jungle Hammock.

      Overall, excellent report and good use of photos. Seems to be lots of
      extra spaces. Could be yahoo.

      You know the drill.


      > SNAKE SKINS 4:
      > 84" long
      > 8 1/2" circumference at wide end
      > 2 1/2" circumference at narrow end
      > Information From Tester:
      > (all measurements approximate)
      > Weight:
      > Hammock: 1 lb 13.65 oz (841 g)
      > Fly: 10.45 oz (295 g)
      > Snakeskins 4 (x2): 1 oz (29 g)
      > Tree huggers (x2): 0.85 oz (24 g)
      > Stuff sack: 0.95 oz (33 g)
      > Reflective pad: 10.55 oz (299 g)
      > Measurements:
      > Hammock: 85 x 47 in (216 x 119 cm)
      > Suspension cords (x2): 97 in (246 cm)
      > Fly: 65 x 90 in (165 x 229 cm)
      > Snakeskins 4: 4 in (10 cm) [tapering to 2 in/4 cm] x 82 in (208 cm)

      Edit: For consistency Snakeskins should be Snake Skins. I checked on
      the website and in most places it is 2 words.

      > Initial tester expectations:
      > I always enjoy the Hennessy website because I can stare at hammocks
      > for
      > hours wondering if I need another one. The site is easy to navigate
      > and

      EDIT: Double space before "The"

      > ...
      > was a bit vague and caused me to dig around the site to find
      > information
      > on the Hyperlight hammock as well. I was also wondering if there were

      EDIT: Double space before "I"
      > Manufacturer's description:
      > "A hyperlight hammock with a side zipper and a breathable double-
      > layered
      > body. Can be used with radiant reflecting bubble pad which attaches
      > on the diagonal between the layers to convert the hammock into a
      > mosquito-proof 3-season shelter."

      EDIT: Triple space before "Can" double space before "radiant" and
      double space before "hammock"

      > This time around was no different. Once I got everything out and
      > organzied I found that I had recieved a Deep Jungle Hammock, rain fly,
      > set of tree huggers, a set of snakeskins, and a reflective bubble pad.

      Edit: "snakeskins" should be snake skins

      > ....this double bottom were hard to find, but I finally found them.
      > They
      > are there to allow the insertion of the bubble pad into the void
      > between
      > the layers.

      EDIT: double space before "They"

      > ...the hammock. This was the larger of the two openings and it
      > took a
      > detailed inspection (and some guessing) on my part to locate it.

      EDIT: Triple space before "This"

      > IMG_0079.JPG (4223549 bytes)
      > The second and smaller opening was located along the left hand side
      > (lying in the hammock) next to the tie out point on the head of the
      > hammock. After some playing and fiddling I discovered that the bubble

      EDIT: Double space before "After"

      > The basics are also in place on the Deep Jungle Hammock. The bug
      > net,

      EDIT: Double space before "on" and triple space before "The"

      > cords, and hanging cords are all there like I expected. The big
      > suprise

      EDIT: Double space before "The
      > of the way and makes the Deep Jungle a side loading hammock. The
      > attention to detail on the construction really caught me by surprise.
      > Not only does the bug net unzip and fold out of the way, but there
      > is a
      > small hook and loop closure that allows the netting to be secure out
      > of the way so that it will not flop over into the hammock.

      EDIT: Triple space before "The" and triple space before "that" and
      double space before "so"

      > model. It appears to do everything it is supposed to, but is built
      > to be
      > light wieght and without any excess materials adding weight or bulk.

      EDIT: "wieght" should be "weight"

      > lump them with the 'other stuff' that came with the hammock. The
      > stock

      EDIT: Double space before "The"

      > tree huggers are a bit short for me and I will probably be using my
      > longer set to hang this hammock.

      Comment: Shouldn't you use what was supplied with the hammock and make
      a note of it in your report stating that the straps are too short.

      > A set of Snake Skin 4 (refers to size I think) was also included with
      > the Deep Jungle. The snake skins are basically tapered tubes of

      EDIT: Triple space before "The"

      > hammock that are very easy to take down and stuff in a pack. I was
      > not

      EDIT: Double space before "I"

      > obviously cut to fit in the double bottome of the hammock and includes

      EDIT" "bottome" should be "bottom"

      > unfounded fear, but it is a first impression I need to check out.
      > Other
      > than that I am excited about this test. This hammock obviously uses a

      EDIT: Double space before "Other" and "This"

      > I have already inserted the bubble mat into the hammock to see just
      > how
      > difficult it is to do. It was not the easiest task to get the wide
      > end

      EDIT: Double space before "It"
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