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APPLICATION - Atlas 11 Snowshoes

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  • Bob Sanders
    Please accept my application to test the Atlas 11 Series Snowshoes I have read and understood the current requirements in the Survival Guide Version 0609, and
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      Please accept my application to test the Atlas 11 Series Snowshoes

      I have read and understood the current requirements in the Survival
      Guide Version 0609, and I agree to comply with all of these
      requirements as a tester. My signed Tester Agreement is on file with

      Applicant: Bob Sanders
      Gender: Male
      Age: 52
      Weight: 215 lb (98 kg)
      Height: 6 ft 1 in (1.85 m)
      E-Mail: sherpabob at mac.com
      Location: Longmont, Colorado

      Backpacking Background:
      I went on my first backpacking trip as a Boy Scout at the age of 16.
      Over the years I have hiked the Wonderland Trail in Washington and
      section hiked numerous parts of the Florida Trail, the Appalachian
      Trail and 740 mi (1191 km) of the Pacific Crest Trail during one
      glorious summer. Best vacation I ever took. I continue to backpack and
      hike year round in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. I have evolved from a
      heavyweight backpacker to a lightweight backpacker and during warmer
      months I manage to hit ultralight weights. My three day fall/winter
      solo adventures (using a tent) have me hovering around a 16 lb (7.2
      kg) base weight. I really love the lightweight approach and I am
      always looking for ways to lighten my load.

      Field Information:
      In my humble opinion Colorado is the perfect place to test snowshoes.
      We get lots of snow in Colorado and the season is quite long. It is
      only the beginning of November and I already have 18 in (45 cm) of
      rapidly melting snow in my backyard. In some areas of the high country
      4 ft (1.2 m) has already fallen. Depending on when the test ends we
      could see snow as late as April to early May. I live at 5000 ft (1524
      m) and have been known to travel to 10,000 ft (3048 m) during the
      winter. Having a pair of snowshoes available for testing will allow me
      to venture to higher terrain where the really deep snow lives. Daytime
      temperatures can range between 50 to 10° F (10 to -12° C) with
      nighttime temperatures ranging between 32 to -10° F (0 to -23° C).
      Throughout the season I could encounter all types of snow conditions
      ranging from deep powder to wet, heavy, crusty and icy snow. The
      terrain is also quite varied ranging from flat easy open areas to
      steep, rocky inclines.

      Test Plan:
      I would actually consider myself new to snowshoeing. Over the past
      couple of years I have either rented or borrowed a pair of snowshoes
      for my winter adventures. I was going to apply for the Tubbs NRG Flex
      snowshoes but I'm a big guy and didn't fit the weight restriction.
      Because of my size the Atlas 11's are the only ones that will work for
      me. With that said I think I would be excellent candidate for testing
      because of the amount of snow, varied terrain and I can test the upper
      weight limit with a fully loaded pack.

      At a minimum I get out at least once a week for a day hike and I try
      to get out for an overnighter at least once a month. It helps my sanity.

      I will be evaluating the fit, bindings, performance/traction on flat
      and steep terrain and their flotation on varied snow conditions.

      Current Tests: (One to end very shortly, probably before this test
      gets started)
      Therm-A-Rest Down Comforter - LTR stage (Due Nov 10th)
      Tilly Audubon Hat - FR

      Other Current applications:

      Monitoring: Hennessy Hammock - Deep Jungle Hammock

      All of my reports and reviews can be found at:

      Thank you for considering me for this test.
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