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IR - Probar - Fruition Bars - Shawn Wakefield

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    Here s my IR for the PROBAR... mmmmm... foooood. http://tinyurl.com/sw-probar OR
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      Here's my IR for the PROBAR... mmmmm... foooood.




      Pasted text version:

      PROBAR - fruition Bars
      Test Series by Shawn Wakefield
      Initial Report: October 1, 2009

      Reviewer Information

      Name: Shawn Wakefield
      Age: 39
      Gender: Male
      Height: 6 ft 0 in (1.83 m)
      Weight: 165 lb (75 kg)
      Email: shawn@.....
      City, State, Country: Tishomingo, Oklahoma, United States

      Backpacking Background: I started camping and backpacking about 25 years ago as a teenager in the Boy Scouts. I have more recently gotten very interested in backpacking again, and I really enjoy going lightweight now. My wife and I take frequent backpacking trips together, and our kids (all under 13) go occasionally. We like to hike in Texas, Oklahoma, and Arkansas for short trips, but enjoy Wyoming and Colorado for longer trips. My current pack averages 18 lb (8 kg) including water and three days' food.

      INITIAL REPORT: October 1, 2009

      Product Information
      Open Package

      Manufacturer: PROBAR LLC
      URL: http://www.theprobar.com
      MSRP: 2.49 US each -- 27.48 US for a 12 pack
      Flavors: Available in Blueberry, Peach, Cran-Raspberry, Strawberry
      Listed weight: 1.7 oz (48 g)
      Weight as delivered: 1.8 oz (51 g) in package -- 1.7 oz (48 g) bar only
      Pkg size as delivered: 5.3 x 2.0 x 0.7 in (135 x 51 x 18 mm) in package
      Bar size as delivered: 3.5 x 1.3 x 0.6 in (89 x 33 x 15 mm) without package

      Product Description

      PROBAR fruition bars are individually packaged snack bars made with organic dates and oats. They are vegan with no trans fat. On the website, it states "...fruition is the latest addition to the PROBAR family. This fruit-based, superfood snack bar is designed to be satisfying on-the-go without the extra fat and calories. fruition is the marriage of dates, oats, chia seeds and cashews in 4 mouth-watering real fruit flavors. With superb fruit flavors, robust texture and blend of organic ingredients..." A picture of the four flavors I received is below, as well as nutrition information for each flavor from the PROBAR website.


      Initial Impressions

      I received a box of 12 fruition bars from PROBAR LLC - 3 each of Blueberry, Peach, Cran-Raspberry, and Strawberry. As listed in the nutrition information for each bar, all have 160 calories, no trans fat, and many of the main ingredients are common to every bar. Slight changes are evident based on the different fruit flavors. The packages are easy to open with a foil lining on the inside of the wrapper. All expire in September of 2010, so I assume that shelf life of these bars is 1 year roughly from the date of manufacture.

      I decided to taste 2 flavors for this initial report, and leave the other 10 bars to be eaten over the next 2 months on various trips. Both bars had a very similar look and feel, with some slight visual difference due to the different fruit in each flavor.

      I first ate the Cran-Raspberry bar. The bar had a slightly moist taste - not dry, and it also felt slightly sticky to the touch. The bar seemed dense, and was slightly chewy. The flavor is quite mellow, with more of a hint of cranberries and raspberries than a strong fruit flavor. There were larger pieces of cranberries visible in the bar, but it did not appear to have a large number of berries in it. Overall the taste was quite good, and I am sure it will taste even better out on the trail!

      The second bar I tried for this initial report was the blueberry bar. It had a stronger fruit taste than did the cran-raspberry bar. The density, size, texture, and feel were very similar to the cran-raspberry bar.

      The bars appear to have more substance than other fruit / snack bars I have eaten. The fruit is mixed into the bar, rather than any kind of filling or fruit gel as some bars have. One bar seemed to be about right for an afternoon snack. I certainly did not feel too full. The density of the bars should help them travel and pack well without being crushed or crumbling apart. How well they hold up to 3 days on the trail will certainly be something I will be looking at.

      I look forward to the next three months of trying these bars on hiking and backpacking trips.

      Initial Likes:
      1. Good flavor
      2. Nice size

      Initial Concerns:
      1. Durability

      This concludes my Initial Report. The Long Term Report will be appended to this report in approximately three months from the date of this report. Please check back then for further information.

      Thanks to PROBAR LLC and BackpackGearTest.org for allowing me to participate in this test.

      - Shawn Wakefield
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