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EDIT: [LTR] MSR HyperFlow - Greg M

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  • Mike C.
    Greg, Sorry for the delay . . . it s been a busy week. I don t have any edits, just a Edit/Comment you can take or leave . . . it s more about my personal
    Message 1 of 2 , Aug 1, 2009
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      Sorry for the delay . . . it's been a busy week. I don't have any edits, just a Edit/Comment you can take or leave . . . it's more about my personal preferences than anything else, so feel free to take it or leave it. I look forward to working with you again in the future!

      Mike C.


      During my long term testing I would estimate that I have pumped approximately 30 more liters of water through the filter. Since it has just been oppressively hot here in Florida and I have been traveling with larger parties on my recent trips I have put quite an additional load on it. On one of my trips where I estimate I pumped about 20L of water I backflushed the filter after about 15L when the output appeared to slow a bit. I contribute the slowdown to the fact I was pumping directly from a water source most of the time and when I did pump from the bag, because we were pumping so much, the water did not have a very good chance to settle. Even so, 15L before backflushing is nearly double MSR's estimate of needing to backflush about every 8L.

      Edit/Comment: While a liter is permissible without conversion, I find it personally useful to convert larger liter amounts . . . for instance, I'm personally curious how many gallons 30 liters would be. While not strictly necessary, you might consider converting these larger amounts.

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