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Application - Kelty Kids FC 2.0 backpack - Jen P

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  • Jennifer Pope
    Please accept my application to test the Kelty Kids FC 2.0 backpack. I know the testing requirements and have submitted my tester agreement. If selected, I
    Message 1 of 1 , Jun 1, 2009
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      Please accept my application to test the Kelty Kids FC 2.0 backpack. I know
      the testing requirements and have submitted my tester agreement. If
      selected, I would prefer the green pack. Thank you for your consideration.

      *Bio *

      Name: Jennifer Pope

      Age: 28

      Gender: Female

      Height 5 ft 7 in (1.7 m)

      Weight: 145 lb (66 kg)

      Email Address: Jennifer.Pope@...

      Location: Los Angeles, California

      Backpacking Background
      Intermediate. I've been a car-camper as long as I can remember and started
      backpacking in Northern California when I was 16. I have backpacked for
      about 5 years but I am currently on a hiatus after giving birth to my first
      child in May 2008. I hike and car camp all over California; the deserts, the
      coast, alpine mountains, and lower elevation mountains. I sleep in a tent
      with my husband and daughter and I dayhike with a small daypack or with my
      daughter on my back.

      *Kiddo Bio*

      Name: Lily

      Age: 13 months

      Height: 31 1/2"

      Weight: almost 22 lbs

      Backpacking Background

      Thus far my parents have been too wimpy to take me backpacking or too weak
      to carry me, all my gear and all their gear. They do frequently take me on
      dayhikes. So far we've hiked several times in the Santa Monica mountains
      and we've taken one weekend camping trip to Joshua Tree National Park where
      we did some hiking. I love riding on one of my parents' backs. It reminds
      me of being in the womb and it's a good place to take a nap. I usually
      carry a sippy cup, my little blanket, pacifier, a couple diapers, a small
      package of wipes, a sweater, some snacks, and a few toys.

      *Field information*

      I will use this pack dayhiking throughout various areas of California. The
      majority of my time is spent in the Santa Monica mountains in LA
      County. Additionally,
      I hike in other wilderness areas immediately surrounding Southern
      California. Deserts are a possibility but it will likely be too hot by the
      time the pack arrives and not cool enough by the end of the test period. It
      might see the beach a few times over the test period. Less frequently I
      also hike in San Diego county and northern California (Shasta county area). I
      get two types of weather conditions, warm to hot sun or moist marine layer.
      Rain is unlikely. Terrain is rarely flat, it's usually rocky, and trails
      are typically well-maintained and travelled.

      *Test Plan*
      My daughter is several years away from being able to hike on her own. She's
      also very large for her age, so a well-performing backpack carrier is very
      important (97th percentile for height and 75th percentile for weight). We
      currently hike with a Dueter Kid Comfort II pack and it has worked extremely
      well for us. We've been very satisfied with how it carries weight and how
      my daughter feels in it. We purchased the optional sunshade to keep her as
      much out of the sun as possible.

      The most important feature of a kid carrier is how well it distributes
      weight. With one item in the pack starting out at about 23 lbs and not
      getting any lighter, the pack has to be good. The hipbelt has to be
      comfortable and the pack has to put the weight there. The shoulderstraps
      have to be comfortable. The pack itself is also 7 lbs, so I'm looking at a
      base weight of 30 lbs if I carry nothing else. Thankfully my husband always
      hikes with us and he'll be carrying the daypack with the hydration bladdar
      so at least I don't have to carry the next heaviest item, the water.

      I guess realistically, the most important feature should be if my daughter
      is comfortable in the pack herself. If she isn't it doesn't much matter if
      the pack carries weight well! Luckily this has never been a problem for us
      with other carrying devices so I don't anticipate any problems. There are a
      few things that could make her ride more enjoyable. How does she sit in the
      pack both when it's on the ground and on my back? Does the "seat" push her
      forward so she's pressed against my back? Is the harness comfortable? Does
      she pull at it or does it leave marks on her neck after a hike? Where are
      the toy loops located? Are they reasonable to hold toys during a hike? How
      easy is it to zip off the diaper bag and the washable interior? Can I
      easily adjust the pack to fit my child? Where do her feet hang when she's
      in the pack? Are my arms and sides and easy kicking target? What are the
      "leg straps" and how do they work? They sounds like enhanced interrogation
      devices. Can she pull my hair? (My daugher loves me, I swear!) Is her
      head significantly lower than mine so that I don't have to worry about
      low-lying branches hitting her? Does my Dueter sunshade attach to this
      pack? How does the auto-deploy kickstand work? It doesn't seem like it
      could really be automatic but maybe it is?

      Other than that any other features are bonuses. Storage is nice. I will
      report on all storage pockets (backpack, underseat and hipbelt) and how
      useful they are. It seems slightly odd that the backpack is up on the
      child's back. It seems like that would make the pack a little top heavy and
      put my center of gravity up more towards my shoulders. But I'll report on
      that. And anything else that comes up during the test period.

      Happy to test other kids items as well! I'm glad BGT is going back in this

      *Other BGT duties*


      Monitor on Big Sky Mirage Tent and Exxel Outdoors kids sleeping bag.

      I�m often late with reports. It�s not something I�m proud of but it happens
      nonetheless. I work full-time, I�m a mom, my husband is in graduate school
      and is working in his lab 60+ hour a week and I have other responsibilities.
      BGT is pretty much on the bottom of the list unfortunately. I never plan to
      be late but things come up frequently. I do try to be a good citizen and
      I�ll never disappear into thin air. I'm trying to be better!

      Current tests:

      My LTR for the Gregory Jade daypack is due a week from Tuesday. The test
      will be over before this new test would start. I plan on trying to get an
      application in for the Outdoor Research Women's Cypress S/S Sunshirt.

      All my reviews are here:


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