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Application--Kelty Child Carrier--Arnold Peterson

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  • arnold
    Application to test the Kelty - FC 2.0 Child Carrier   Arnold Peterson I have read the by-laws and all the required material including BGT Bylaws v. 0609 and
    Message 1 of 1 , May 31, 2009
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      Application to test the Kelty - FC 2.0 Child Carrier
      Arnold Peterson
      I have read the by-laws and all the required material including BGT Bylaws v. 0609 and will abide by the rules.  I have also mailed in a signed test agreement in late 2006.
      Date: May 31, 2009
      Biographical Information
      Name               Arnold Peterson
      Age                 70
      Gender                        M
      Height             5’ 8” (1.73 m)
      Weight                        165 lb (74.8 kg)
      Email Address            ALP4982 AT yahoo DOT com
      Location          Wilmington Massachusetts USA
      Backpacking Background: At this time almost all my experience has been hiking in New Hampshire, Florida, Colorado USA, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia Canada using an 11 lb (5 kg) day pack. I have backpacked on Mt. Washington and Imp Shelter located between North Carter and Mount Moriah mountains in New Hampshire. The gear I will be writing about has been used a lot hiking and backpacking all year around in New Hampshire and Massachusetts. I have recently completed the forty-eight 4000 footers (1219 m) of New Hampshire. My longest day hike was 12 hours covering almost 20 miles (32 km).  I spend most of my time in Mt Lafayette 5260 ft (160 m) area of New Hampshire.  There is usually snow and ice above 2500 ft (762 m) starting in late October. 
      I will first answer why I as a great grandfather would want to test a child carrier.  My first son was born a few weeks before my college finals.  We lived in Boston and there was a lot to do.  Child carriers were fairly new and we got one.  During the next 7 years it was used a lot for our 3 children as well as for 2 foster children.  This carrier was quite simple and had a few things to be desired.  The items I will be looking will be discussed in my application.  I remember this carrier as being a special part of my life.  This meant we could do a lot of things together as a family.  This was so much easier than carrying a child and the space and cost of a carriage was out of the question.
      My candidates are my great grandson (ggs) Jayden who is 1 and 20 lb who lives about 200 feet away.  My oldest ggs Alex who is 3 and 40 lb who lives about 4 miles away. I also have 2 more about 40 miles away. The oldest is Zoe and she weighs 35 lb and her brother John who is 1 and weighs 20 lb.  All these children are within the 50 lb carrier capacity.
      I will be the doing most of the carrying, but if the mothers and grandparents and maybe cousins, want to see how much fun it is, and if they are good to me they can also have a turn.  The Sherpa’s will vary in height from under 5 feet to over 6 feet.  
      Where it will be used.
      This area abounds with nature trails that are age appropriate for my ggc.  The younger children take short naps and then are full of energy and need to be released.  The older ones have even shorter nap times and are even more energetic.  The position gives them an adult view of the world and often they will voice their observations.  Most walks will be under 2 hours.  The weather will be appropriate and approved by parent, grandparent and most of all me.  The 2 gg sons that live close will be passengers the most.  I look forward to doing this as I did enjoy it a lot as a young parent.  When the experience is positive the child wants to repeat it often. 
      My concerns mostly in order of importance are the child's SAFETY, comfort, the comfort of the Sherpa.  This is summer and the ggc that are close to me are very fair skinned.  They will need sun protection.  I will be looking at how easily this can be accomplished.  Having a child get sunburned is not acceptable.  My experience is the ride in a carrier is so comfortable and the rocking motion means the child gets short periods of sleep time.  I was told many times that my child might be in trouble as his head was hanging from his body.  It may not have been the best things to do, but it had no ill effect on them.  I will be looking at support for the dozing head.  I will be interested in discomfort to the carrier and how long a period of time before the carrier becomes uncomfortable.  When the child comes out of the carrier after being in it for a long period of time will there be any red marks or chaffed skin? 
      Loading and unloading passengers.
      When we have a family cookout there may be 4 eager ggc's to carry around.  My first one required me to put it on and then have someone slide the child in.  I will note if the carrier can do this unassisted. 
      These are the kind of accidents that happen before the child becomes toilet trained.  My memory is still fresh about the warm feeling that happens when the child pees.  Disposable diapers were not quite on the market.  I will be looking at storage for the necessary changing supplies and for disposing of said supplies.
      Is the carrier protected from unwanted wetness?  If the carried become wet or picks up odors will it be easy to clean and will it stand up to cleanings?  Will the material retain odors?  Will there be any corrosion of metal parts?  How stain resistant id the material?
      The backpack will be looked at in terms of storage as well as ease of use.  Can the carrier access items without having to unload the carrier?  Will there be sufficient space for items mentioned and other items such as food and some extra clothing in case of unforeseen weather changes.
      The carrier appears to be free standing.  I will be looking at the stability when it is used as a possible chair for feeding.  Are the moving parts stable and not susceptible to unlocking and causing pinches?
      I did not see if this carrier is approved for cars.  I will report on this if it is.  I will look at how much space is required to store the carrier in a vehicle. 
      Ease of use
      The carrier I used had no adjustments.  I will be looking at the carrier as a different kind backpack.  Will the adjustments be easy and will they need to be readjusted frequently?  When there is a change of passenger, will this be easy to accomplish?
      I think it will be fun to see how much the kid carrier as I think it was called back in 1963 has changed in 46 years.  It had a tubular frame, cloth harness and weighed less than 2 lb quite primitive.  It will be good to experience the improvements that have been made and if there are any short comings and of course to report on them.  My personal feeling is the carrier provides for a bonding between the carrier and passenger. 
      Previously Written Reports
      Current Projects
      Gordini gloves LTR due June 23
      MSR Quick 1 cookset FR due date not listed
      Other duties
      Test caller manager
      I wish to thank those who will be evaluating my application for the Kelty - FC 2.0 Child Carrier.
      Arnold Peterson

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