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EDIT: LTR - Dakine Outtabounds Pack - Mike Wilkie

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  • pamwyant
    EDIT: LTR DAKINE OUTTABOUNDS PACK - MIKE WILKIE Hi Mike, Once again, your report certainly shows a lot of use. The manufacturer got their money s worth on
    Message 1 of 2 , Apr 30, 2009
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      Hi Mike,

      Once again, your report certainly shows a lot of use. The manufacturer got their money's worth on this test, for sure!

      I do have several edits for you, as follows:

      "Another trip where the Outtabounds Pack was use as a travel pack was on an 8 day
      trip to Northern Costa Rica."

      ### EDIT: …Pack was *used* as a …
      ### Comment – Gee it's a rough trip, but someone's gotta do it…. <grin> I'm jealous!

      The shuttle pack of the Outtabounds bounds was use almost daily during my trip
      to Costa Rice while traveling via horseback.

      ### Edit: Something is wrong here – I'm not sure what word you were looking for. Maybe "Outtabounds set? Outtabounds pack system? I'm pretty sure it was not intended to be "Outtabounds bounds".

      Also on several other excursions, the shuttle pack was use as a daypack.

      ### EDIT: …was *used*…

      I hiked the busy streets of Upala, a city located just south of the Nicaragua boarder and along the dirt roads of the small farming town Bijagua.

      ### EDIT: spelling of *border*

      During this final testing leg, I had the opportunity to thoroughly test the Dakine Outtabounds Pack in both the front and backcountry, locally and abroad. The Outtabounds was used as a front-country travel pack, a backcountry daypack and on overnighters.

      ### Comment: This piece sounds a lot like the section immediately preceding it. My thoughts are to either leave it out, or move it to the summary section, so it doesn't sound so repetitive.

      I learned the loaded pack was perfectly size for use as a carry-on for airplanes and buses.

      ### EDIT: Either was *the perfect size* OR was perfectly *sized*

      Then detaching the smaller shuttle pack to with me at all times while the main pack was stowed in the overhead compartment.

      ### Edit: Something is either missing here, or the wording is just awkward. Can you please re-word so it makes a more complete sentence?

      As a carry-on, the Outtabounds help me to save much unnecessary time and money as to checking it in
      with the airlines.

      ### EDIT: …*helped* me save…

      Soon as I exited either vehicle, I reattached the shuttle pack to use the Outtabounds as one backpack that was much easier to carry.

      ### Edit: *As* soon as I…

      The packs load was easy to secure and stabilize with the compression straps and load-lifer straps.

      ### EDITS: The *pack's* (needs the apostrophe) and load-*lifter* (spelling)

      All load weights but never exceeding 30 lbs (16 kg) were an easy and comfortable carry

      ### Edit: Sounds a little awkward as worded – maybe something like "All load weights were an easy and comfortable carry, although my load never exceeded 30 lbs (16 kg).

      The Dakine Outtabounds Packs was really designed for winter use and gear.

      ### EDIT: "Pack" should be singular.

      Several other features of the Outtabounds Pack came of great use during these climate conditions.

      ### Edit: Can you expand on what other features were used? If not, I'd probably omit this, as it kind of leaves the reader hanging for more that isn't provided.

      A comfortable fit and stable load and position of the Dakine pack was always provided.

      ### Comment: This sounds a little awkward as phrased.

      This is where the longer mess sleeve would be useful.

      ### EDIT: Do you mean longer *mesh* sleeve?

      However, most likely due to the heavy construction I have no complaints about the packs durability.

      ### Edit/EDIT: Need a comma after "construction" and "pack's" should have an apostrophe.

      The heavy-duty nylon resisted abrasion and punctures with showing only a few scuff marks.

      ### Edit: Either omit "showing"; change "with" to "while"; or remove "with" and use a comma after punctures.

      All stitching remains tight with no thread pulls and all zippers, ladder-locks and draw-cords all operate and run smoothly as they did when new.

      ### Edit: Need a comma after "thread pulls". I would also remove the second occurrence of "all" after "draw-cords", and you might consider placing "as" in front of smoothly (i.e. run as smoothly as they did…)

      For me the Outtabounds pack offered versatility, proved to be durable, and made of quality

      ### Comment: The last part sounds a little awkward. It could go a few ways - "made of quality materials and workmanship", "and of high quality", or "quality-made" are a few that come to my mind.

      Thanks for a good test series Mike. I hope life settles down for you, and you get to go back to a fuller test load sometime in the not-too-distant future. With the type of use you gave this pack, you have awesome opportunties! I look forward to reading more of your reports in the future!

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